Liberty Infringing City Plans; Recognizing The 17 SDGs

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The Johnson City Planning and Development Services Department held a meeting at the Langston Centre Thursday, Nov. 9th to discuss the city’s future with Horizon 2045 organizers and the public. 

There was criticism from the public that the event wasn’t advertised well enough and many didn’t know about it or found out too last minute.

The stated objective was to collect community input so that the third party Horizon 2045 planning group could help the City Commission come up with a plan for the future development of the city. 

Trouble is, the plan appears to already exist. It is the same plan adjusted for population and few factors being instituted in cities all across Tennessee, all across the US and even in other countries. 

Look up “Horizon 2045 Spokane” or “Horizon 2045 Hiroshima.” Look up “Horizon 2045 and UN Agenda”, and you will see that Horizon 2045 gave a presentation at the United Nations.

Why is the United Nations agenda important when discussing Horizon 2045 or city planning?

Because the United Nations and Horizon 2045 have similar goals for cities all over the world and they are working collaboratively to implement them. They are not unique to your city, they are unique to Agenda 2030’s 17 Goals for Sustainable Development. (SDG)

What is interesting is if you bring up the UN 2021 or 2030 Agenda a lot of city planners, commissioners and elected will act like you are a conspiracy theorist despite being able to easily look up Agenda 2030 17 Goals for Sustainable Development and see that they align with the city’s sustainable development goals. They are almost identical. 

It isn’t a myth when it is easy for anyone to prove. 

What allows this mentality however, is that many elected choose willful ignorance.


Danielle Goodrich of Tennessee Stands Tri-Cities had a conversation with Johnson City Commissioner Jenny Brock at the city planning meeting.

Goodrich expressed her concern regarding the implementation of the 17 Goals via the city plan and highlighted similarities.

Commissioner Brock laughed as if it were a conspiracy theory. Goodrich asked if she could send her information showing the alignment between the city goals and the agenda and Brock said “No.” She used her age as an excuse, and said if Goodrich wasn’t happy with her leadership to get her out of office next time.

Goodrich and other Johnson City Freedom Member Anne K. mentioned to Brock that via Senate Bill 1147 which became law and assigned to Public Chapter 479, that implementing the UN Agenda in Tennessee is now unlawful.

Brock claimed to have no knowledge of the law but said she was sure she’d receive information from the city regarding it. 

Goodrich sent Commissioner Brock the law as well as information on the UN Agenda with zero response. 

Commissioner Brock chose willful ignorance so that she could have plausible deniability. 

“Willful Ignorance” is the name of a book written by Pat Miller with a quote that is often mistaken for Hitler. Pat Miller writes, “The best way to take control over a people and control them utterly is to take a little of their freedom at a time, to erode rights by a thousand tiny and almost imperceptible reductions. In this way, the people will not see those rights and freedoms being removed until past the point at which these changes cannot be reversed.” 

And that is exactly what will be the result if the UN Agenda is implemented. We see it already in Chattanooga with the citizens like Save Chattanooga citizen group pushing back against their city becoming a World Economic Forum Smart City. 

“In 2016 the World Economic Forum published a document titled ‘Welcome To 2030. I Own Nothing, Have No Privacy, And Life Has Never Been Better.’ The article was meant to promote a concept called the “sharing economy” which was first publicly fielded to the press at Davos.  The article describes a “hypothetical” future in which a communistic system has ended all private property in the name of saving the planet from climate change.”

The United Nation’s 17 Sustainable Development goals are “no poverty, zero hunger, good health and well being, quality education, gender equality, clean water and sanitation, affordable and clean energy, decent work and economic growth, industry innovation and and infrastructure, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities and communities, responsible consumption and production, climate action, life below water, life on land, peace justice and strong institutions, partnerships for the goals.

These goals may seem honorable if we didn’t have the last few years to reflect on what these institutions promote as good health, quality education, clean energy, reduced inequalities, sustainable cities, climate action and responsible consumption etc. 

When they say health it meant what Ronald Reagan warned of “they say they want to control the means of production as if they could do this without eventually controlling those who produce. And always they explain this as necessary to the people’s welfare.”

As it turned out it meant using corporations to control the masses through mandates. It meant holding federal funding hostage in exchange for compliance. 

During COVID the UN and the WHO didn’t mean eat healthy and exercise so that you would be less susceptible to metabolic disorders which contributed to worse COVID outcomes. They meant have a liability-free product injected into you, close your business, stay indoors, close gyms, wear a mask and die alone. It was tyrannical. It also meant that we needed to ignore what the free-market offered and only listen to bureaucrats and “experts” like Tony Fauci the CDC, the WHO etc. 

When they say “quality education” they mean quality indoctrination. Raising up social justice warriors who hate themselves and hate their country so much they can be used to institute the changes these institutions are pushing for. 

They use Marxism to say one group is oppressed the other is the oppressor. Class. Race. Gender. Sexuality. It doesn’t matter the division, it is exploited. Then they suggest the answer to oppression is non-repressive order which happens to be communism. 

When they say “clean energy” it means banning stoves which they did in communist New York.

Goodrich said that Brock thought this was misinformation as well, despite it being easy to look up and prove. 

During commissioner meetings in Chattanooga people who fled California pleaded with the commission not to institute these sustainable goals because they saw what it led to in California. It led to planned blackouts, it led to water rationing, it led to a ban on gas power mowers and leaf blowers, it led to them being forced to buy electric cars only to be told they can’t charge them on an overtaxed grid. It led to many Californians hemorrhaging to states with less intrusive government. Like Tennessee. 

Goodrich reminded Brock of this and Brock said most people coming to Tennessee are from North Carolina, dismissing the concerns of many. 

“No poverty. Zero hunger.” How would a government achieve no poverty? In the past when Stalin, Lenin, Mao, and others have claimed no poverty and zero hunger like in North Korea, what it means is taking private property from one group and giving it to another. In North Korea the landowners were called greedy and they were standing in the way of equity so landowners gave up their land to the government and they got communism in return. It’s California race reparations. It’s wealth redistribution. 

Collectivism or socialism can’t work in the US. Too many people that don’t produce on a welfare system, expecting the producers to support them. Read “Atlas Shrugged” to see where that leads. It leads to looking like Cuba and Venezuela. 

The World Economic Forum and the UN promote the idea of a shared community. All resources are shared. That is typically how communism is sold as well. It is communitarianism. Collectivism. Modern forms of collectivism are communism, fascism, Nazism, Marxism, socialism. It is the concept that “for the greater good” you can’t have private property or individual liberty. 

Horizon 2045s website reads “we develop collaborative processes for learning and leading across existential threats” and “what new governance models or institutions do we need.”

What new governance models do we need?

We currently still have a Constitutional Republic and that worked great up until we started having a number of crisis that would erode our God-given rights. 

These created crisis are apart of the Hegelian dialect. The government creates the crisis and then offers the solution. Each crisis waters down the rights of the individual and trades it for communitarianism. You can’t have individual liberty and communitarianism or collectivism and its forms. They stand in stark contrast. The “greater good” outweighs the rights of the individual. History shows it is never for the good of the individual and the collective is a group of individuals. It is good for those on the top in control and bad for everyone else. 

During COVID you can’t work to provide for your family or move about freely. But the elites could. California Governor Gavin Newsom going out to eat and traveling. Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago getting her hair cut but you can’t and hair dressers were non-essential so they can’t work unless their overlords say so. Deblasio in New York going to the gym. Pelosi not wearing a mask. Murphy in PA allowing his non-essential cabinet business to stay open. Rules for thee, but not for me is how they rule. 

 And we had Executive and Judicial branches making law that is reserved for the legislative branch. The Constitution was thrown away and replaced with communitarianism. For the greater good your individual liberty must be suspended. 

The Patriot Act following 9/11 allowed for increased surveillance of American citizens which continues to increase today as the smart city surveillance state is entered once piece at a time.

Johnson City accepted a grant from Brightridge, the local electric company, to install smart city cameras downtown. 

This is for our safety they suggest, trading our liberty, giving up privacy. 

City’s all across the country have the same systems being instituted and the commission and the citizens are none the wiser, not reading the fine print to know what they are getting. Chattanooga is now proposing license plate readers. 


When you have the Federal government calling parents who speak at school boards domestic terrorists and trials where FBI whistleblowers discuss their concern that the agencies have been weaponized against the people and how during COVID phone data was used to track people to make sure they were obediently staying home, or if you look to China to see how 600 million closed circuit cameras one for every one and a half person, able to monitor them by facial recognition and able to limit them to do anything. To buy to sell. Where they can set up on a social credit system like in China or like what we saw in Canada when the truckers tried to take on the tyrannical government they had their bank accounts frozen.

With all of this recent history and current narrative you can see why people are rightly concerned. 

At the Horizon 2045 Community Input meeting one comment read like it had been taken right from the UN agenda. It read, “reduce sprawl, increase density, sustainable infrastructure, mixed use development, public transit and rail connecting to other major cities, biophelia design, less car dependent, walkable.”

What is “sprawl” you might ask? Well you can find this language in the Johnson City’s 21st Century plan. Which is exactly what Agenda 21 was written after. An agenda for the 21st century. Look up “reduce sprawl and UN agenda” and you’ll see it falls under SDG 11. Sustainable cities and communities; Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. 

But not free. Safe but not free. 

And the word “inclusive” is hardly that. When we see it used it is essentially inclusive of everyone who agrees with these goals. Everyone who is “oppressed” as represented by whatever the latest iteration of the LGBTQ + spirit flag is. It is inclusive of everyone who doesn’t uphold traditional values. That is why you have Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, economist Thomas Sowell, Candace Owens, Dr. Ben Carson, President hopeful Tim Scott, and more called racial slurs by progressives. Because it really isn’t about gender or race. It’s about alignment with the ideology.

 It is anyone who doesn’t uphold as Mao called them the 4 olds; cultures, customs, habits, ideas. That wouldn’t be progressive. Progressives today just as Mao in China say those values are holding us back.

It is the same Marxism, students are being taught today to hate anyone who upholds traditional values. In China under Mao students and children killed their parents and teachers anyone who upheld traditional values. They were the Red Guard. Mao used them to help walk in non-repressive order. He promised them equity. And they got communism. Everyone equally oppressed. 

As for “sprawl” you can find it on page 14 of the Johnson City plan. It says “Respondents identified less of a need for large lot, single-family homes and mobile homes, which supports previous statements regarding the need for quality housing in neighborhoods and efforts to reduce sprawl.”

“Sprawl” means neighborhoods that you need a car to get to. They don’t want this because they claim cars are bad and contribute to pollution. 

Never mind that without one your right to move about freely is infringed upon. But it fits perfectly within the framework of a 15-minute city, a smart city. You can walk everywhere you need to go in your high density downtown community. And you don’t need a car with a high-speed rail to other big cities. Highly controlled transportation. Think COVID again. You didn’t wear a mask in your car like the CNN watchers because you had the choice, but you were made to wear them on public transportation. And they even had the vax passport for travel in some places. 

The building currently happening around Johnson city is mostly large lot, single-family homes. “Sprawl” as they call  it. That is how the free-market works. If people want it, the market will answer.

So if the market is showing a demand different than what the survey reported, who were the respondents in this survey? A hand-selected small group of people that want this agenda as we saw at the Horizon 2045 meeting? 

This is the “expert” garbage we saw in COVID. This is the healthcare monopoly listening to Fauci and giving us protocols that don’t work. 

Thankfully the free-market answered and we had Doctors that had alternate solutions. And for it local hero Dr. Denise Sibley is facing trial with her board certification threatened despite having successfully kept thousands out of the hospital. Despite having been given a hero recognition by the Tennessee legislature. 

That is what communism looks like, punished for dissenting, even if you were right. Communists say if you don’t agree with our experts on what you want then we will take away your other options by getting rid of the people who offer them. We already have a healthcare monopoly here. Now imagine all your choices in every aspect taken similarly “for the greater good.”

This plan is the same way.

The market is saying yeah we want the sprawl. What happens when the “experts” on city planning and climate change disagree with the free-market on what people actually want? 

The UN agenda discusses the need for mixed use buildings which can be commercial and residential and that is found in Johnson City’s strategic plan. 

When they say net zero and reduce carbon which interestingly the parent company of the Bitcoin mine that some in Washington County are fighting, GRIID, says that on their website. You have a Bitcoin business which is using up 20% of the electric company’s electricity locally pushing for carbon free, clean renewable energy. And we had scheduled black outs for the first time last year. Are dots connecting? Goodrich asked Jenny Brock about the blackouts and Brock said it was a one time thing. Goodrich stated “how can you be so sure, when you are moving towards looking green and sustainable and more like California how can you be sure the results won’t follow.”

The net zero agenda is not zero carbon emissions. It would be a carbon allowed system. If you own more land you have more carbon credits. Carbon credits allow you to travel. This may explain the elite land grab and buy-up of farm land. More land means they have a lot of carbon credits. They’d still be able to fly their jets while the rest of us can’t fly anymore. While the rest of us are cattle into public transportation. 

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Although there is speculation we would never get high speed rail between cities. California has been saying it is coming for years and still nothing to show for it despite taxes going towards it. So maybe your 15-minute city really would be that and only that. 

Carbon footprint is also what they mean in sustainable infrastructure. Modifying your building to be carbon free. How much will that cost?
Additionally, since cow’s fart we can’t have livestock. So the solution for sustainable food is lab-made synthetic meat made with products like crickets. Somehow a lab is more green than livestock in a field? Another thing that sounds like conspiracy theory but can be proven. Tyson is now investing in insect protein.

You would supposedly have high speed trains to promote regionalism. Which sounds great but it is a step away from the decentralized government we currently enjoy and it’s pushing towards regionalized government on our way to one world government. Our founding fathers wanted it decentralized for a reason. Centralized power is too much consolidated power in the hands of one governing body. It is like the King they escaped. And in this case when Horizon 2045 says they want to explore other forms of government they mean unelected, unaccountable government. Not a representative form of government. 

Just look at all the boards and consultants being used to oversee this plan. How much is being spent on consultants? 

Danielle Goodrich wrote about some of the trappings of this strategic plan before here.

After the article hit there was community push back and the Johnson City Commissioners said they would take out the goals of concern that mimic the UN Agenda. However, if you go to the Horizon 2045 Johnson City Plan and look at the recently posted 2020-2025 strategic plan they didn’t take off any of what they said they would.

You still have diversity, equity and inclusion in there which is marxism. You still have going electric, sustainable green environmental initiatives and aligning with the goals of Brightridge. What are the goals of Brightridge exactly? My guess is the same as the UN Agenda and Horizon 2045 plan. You have reducing “sprawl” which means neighborhoods you drive to. You have high speed rail. You have regionalism. And more. 

Some of our commissioners are getting played. Some might be complicit. The public is getting played. This plan is being rolled in. And our input isn’t being heard because the plan is the same everywhere whether we want it or not. They are telling us we do. Just like somehow we wanted “less sprawl.” If I went out in Johnson City right now and asked people what that meant 99% would have no idea. And yet we are to believe the majority want less neighborhoods despite the majority buying housing there. We may not be up against the wall as tight as Chattanooga is right now. But we are close and it is coming. 

Check your city plan. Get loud. Make sure your commissioners know by implementing this plan they are operating unlawfully in Tennessee. Write your Representatives and let them know that you have commissioners not following current law. Contact the Attorney General and let him know. Demand accountability. And get people who understand these plans and will stand against them in office next election. 

Jonathan Skrmetti 

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Nashville, TN 37202 

Work Phone: (615) 741-6474 

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Johnson City Commissioners

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  • November 15, 2023 at 9:36 pm

    The people of Johnson City need to oust this Brock lady or file a complaint against her surety bond for not doing her job. This woman needs to learn that she IS answerable to the people. She blew her chance and the people need to take action ASAP. Action on the part of the people is the only way these elected prima donnas will understand they work for the people the people do not work for them.


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