Op-Ed: The Case SCOTUS Should Never Have Ruled Upon

If The Supreme Court Hadn’t Intervened On Abortion, Healthy Political Debate Would Have Resulted In More Agreeable State Laws Passed By State Legislatures. Instead, The Court Assumed The Power Of The States And Pinned Them To A Wall Mandating They Accept Abortion Laws They Never Wanted. Anyone Who Thinks The Issue Is Over, Must Remember, What The Supreme Court Gives, It Can Always Take Away.

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The RINO Report, 98% Think Primaries Should Be Closed, Abortion Stymied, Medical Freedom, TN Sovereignty & More! – The TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest!

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2) Almost 98% Of Tennessee Republican Primary Voters Believe Open Primaries Should Be Closed
3) Tennessee Abortion Clinics Stymied After Injunction Against “Heartbeat” Law Lifted
4) TN-5 Candidates Give Their Views On The Rights Of Tennessee National Guardsmen
5) American Policy Center Sounds Alarm About Danger Of National Heritage Act To Tennessee Sovereignty
6) Tennessee Congresswoman Introduces Act To Halt USDA’s Woke Agenda In Public Schools
7) Athens, TN Teacher Of The Year Busted For Burglary, Drug Possession And Trespassing

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American Policy Center Sounds Alarm About Danger Of National Heritage Act To Tennessee Sovereignty

The American Policy Center, A Grassroots Non-Profit Dedicated To Fighting For American Property Rights And Sovereignty, Is Sounding The Alarm About A Bipartisan Bill That Has Been Introduced In The U.S. Congress That Would Eliminate Citizen Input On The Establishment Of National Heritage Areas. The Entire State Of Tennessee Appears To Have Been Targeted Should This Bill Be Allowed To Pass.

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The Slippery Slope Of Red Flag Gun Laws [Op-Ed]

The Senate Has Now Passed The Onus Of “Gun Control” On To The States. They Expand Background Checks, And Fund School Safety Programs. They Will Also Incentivize States To Pass More Red Flag Laws. Since States Have Almost “Innumerable Powers” They Will Pressure Each State To Pass Stricter Gun Laws.

All Government Is Local, And All Liberty Is Too. The Rubber Meets The Road In Every State Legislature. Politicians Are Addicted To Money And Easily Swayed By Federal Gratuities. But What Happens In Our States Ends Up In DC. As States Trade Our Gun Rights For Abusive “Red Flag Laws,” Citizens That Do Not Challenge Them Don’t Covet Their Freedom. They Will Be Crying And Moaning When Progressives Win Their Campaign To Repeal Their 2nd Amendment.

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Constitutional Flow Chart For Governance in Tennessee

The Original Tennessee Constitution Was Claimed By None Other Than Thomas Jefferson To Be The “Least Imperfect, And Most Republican” Of The State Documents He Had Seen. High Praise From One As Learned As He, And, It Should Be A Lesson To Tennesseans To Guard That Precious Jewel…

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Adhering To The Constitution And The Blurring Of Lines Between Branches Of TN Government (Interview with Deputy Speaker of the TN Senate, Janice Bowling)

In this unprecedented interview, Senator Janice Bowling (Deputy Speaker of The Tennessee Senate) openly speaks of issues in the Tennessee legislature that seem worse this year than ever before.

Bowling sounds off on the importance of practicing Constitutional guaranteed State’s Rights, how good Conservative legislation is being waylaid in subcommittees and committees, the misuse of ‘caption bills’, the suppression of medical freedoms, Governor Lee’s corporate-centric budget, lobbying and the blurring of lines between the branches of Tennessee Government.

All this and much more in this is an eye-opening interview that you absolutely do not want to miss!

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SCOTUS, Abortion, Consumer Outlook With Brandon Lewis Of The Tennessee Conservative

Following Abernathy Speaking About Senator Marsha Blackburn’s Response To The Nomination Of Ketanji Brown Jackson For The U.S. Supreme Court, Lewis Talks About A Survey That Shows An All-Time Low Consumer Outlook In Tennessee, Legislation To Ban Abortions In Tennessee, And Senator Bowling’s Speech On The Tenth Amendment And State’s Rights.

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Biden Changes Position, Pushes ‘Getting Rid Of’ Filibuster For Federal Election Takeover Bill

President Joe Biden Stepped Into The National Debate Over A Flurry Of Voter Legislation In A Speech Tuesday Where He Chided Republicans Over The Events Of Jan. 6, 2021, And Called For A Federal Takeover Of State Elections.

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Dems Threaten Ousting Filibuster, But Moderates Hold The Line

U.S. Sen. Joe Manchin, D-W.V., Is Once Again Right In The Middle Of A Heated Congressional Debate As Democratic Leadership Threatens To Overthrow The Long-Established Filibuster Rule To Push Through Voting Legislation That Would Give The Federal Government Broad Powers Over State Elections.

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