New State Law Mandates One-Year Suspension For Students Who Assault Teachers

As Violent Incidents By Students Against Teachers In Tennessee Schools Increase, A New Law Also Increases Mandatory Consequences To Hold Those Students Accountable For Their Behavior.

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Tennessee Lieutenant Governor Supports Removal Of Shelby County District Attorney

Tennessee’s Lieutenant Governor Is Backing Memphis State Senator Brent Taylor’s Move To Force The Ouster Of Shelby County’s Prosecutor For “Dereliction Of Duty” In Connection With Felons Caught Carrying Weapons.

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25 Tennessee House Members Passed Over 1/2 The Legislation During Last Session

During The Last Two-Year Legislative Session, Tennessee Lawmakers Introduced Almost 3,000 Bills, Passing About A Third, But Some Members Of The General Assembly Are More Effective Or Willing To Sponsor Legislation Than Others.

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Haile Ignored By 2nd Amendment Groups – “Saying You Support Egg Freedom Doesn’t Make You A Chicken”

Republican Candidates For Statewide Office Often Boast Of Their Allegiance To The 2nd Amendment And Pledge To Support It With Everything They’ve Got. Senator Haile’s Republican Challenger, Chris Spencer Remarked “Unfortunately For Ferrell Haile, He Has Refused To Lift A Finger In The Past Decade To Do Anything Of Substance To Secure These Rights For Tennesseans.”

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“A Broken Democracy,” Tennessee Political Action Group To Fund Moderate Candidates From Both Sides Of The Aisle

Launched In April Of This Year, “Nonpartisan” Group The Best Of Tennessee, Is Knoxville-Area Attorney Chloe Akers’ Second Attempt At Forming A Political Group To Back Moderate Political Candidates In Tennessee Elections.

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Biden Threatens Veto Of Veteran Funding Over Abortion, LGBT Provisions

U.S. House Republicans Passed Legislation Wednesday To Fund The Department Of Veterans Affairs And Military Construction, But A Battle Over Abortion, Sexuality And Other Issues May Sink The Bill. Along With LGBT Issues, The White House Opposes The Legislation’s Limits On The Use Of Taxpayer Funds For Abortions.

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Mobile App Makes It Easier To Canvas Republican Voters And Activate Tennessee Grassroots

Turning Point USA, A Well-Known Conservative Grassroots Activism Platform Working To Empower Conservative High School And College Students Across The Country, Has Just Released A Mobile App That Makes It Easier To Canvas Republican Voters And Activate Grassroots Efforts On The Campaign Trail.

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Conservatives’ #1 Best Chance To Replace A Tennessee House RINO Is This Race… Want To Make A Difference? Here’s How….

Do You Ever Ask Yourself, “Why Can’t We Get Tennessee Republicans To Do Anything To Prevent Illegal Immigration In Our State?”

Or Maybe, “Should We Really Be Giving Billions Of Dollars To Left-Leaning Corporations At Tn Taxpayer Expense?”

And This One… “Why Is Half Our Tax Money Going To An Education System That’s Failing Academically While Indoctrinating Our Kids?”

Why You Ask? There Are Two Reasons:

#1 – Low-Information GOP Primary Voters Keep Electing RINOs

#2 – Conservative Christians Do Not Donate Their Time And Money Politically Like The Corporations Do

Well, It’s Time We Stand In The Gap… Will You Join Me?

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Tennessee Republicans Respond To Trump’s Unjust Guilty Verdict

Tennessee Republicans Across The State And The Nation Issued Responses Following Former President Donald Trump’s Recent Conviction On 34 Felony Charges In New York, Expressing Disappointment And Outrage.

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Tennessee Voters In Multiple Districts Have No Opportunity To Vote For A GOP Challenger In Upcoming Election

Conservative Tennesseans Will Have No Opportunity To Vote For A Challenger In Several Republican Primaries Across The State This Year. In Multiple Districts, Incumbent GOP Lawmakers Have No One Running Against Them In The Primary In August And In Some Cases Are Also Running Unopposed In The Main Election In November.

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