Top 7 News Stories This Week For Conservatives In Tennessee!

1) Free-Speech Social Media Platform To Move HQ To Nashville
2) Nashville Nurses Denied Religious Exemptions At Saint Thomas Hospitals
3) Greer To Allow “Documented” Exemptions To Knox Schools Mask Mandate But With Additional Step
4) Food And Gas Prices Reach New Heights
5) Pandemic Shutdowns Created ‘Lost Generation’ That Will Impact Careers, Mental Health
6) TN Treasurer Strongly Opposes IRS Bank Account Monitoring Proposal
7) Lee Commits To Revamping TN’s K-12 School Funding Formula

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Buyer’s Remorse

What Would It Be Like If You Woke Up Some Morning And Discovered That Everything That You Believed Was A Lie?

This Is Not Just A Rhetorical Question Because So Much Of Everything The Media, iPOTUS, Kommie Harris, Big Tech, “Woke” Generals And The Intelligence Agencies Tell Us Is Questionable Or Blatant Lies.

What If You Realized You Were Duped And Voted For A Demented, Leftist Codger Instead Of An Excessively Tweeting, True Leader? Buyer’s Remorse?

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As Biden Ponders More Regulations On Energy Producers, Gas Prices Reach New Heights

Gas Prices Nationwide Have Skyrocketed Even As The Biden Administration Considers New Energy Regulations, Raising Questions About The Energy Markets And The Federal Government’s Role In Protecting Consumer Costs.

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Conservatives React To Governor Lee’s Lack Of Empathy On Vaccine Mandates

Governor Bill Lee Has Called A Special Session To Discuss Funding $500 Million In Corporate Welfare, Unveiled A New Tennessee License Plate, Released Recommendation For COVID Relief Funds And Announced Two Key Judicial Appointments. What Lee Has Not Done Is Encourage A Special Session Of The TN Legislature To Protect Tennesseans From The Federal Overreach Of Biden’s Vaccine Mandates.

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With Biden And Congressional Democrats, It’s One Crisis After Another : Hagerty Op-Ed

For The Last Nine Months, President Joe Biden And The Democrats In Charge Of Congress Have Conducted A Symphony Of Incompetence. It Includes A Border Collapse, An Inflation-Fueling Spending Spree, A Resuscitated Pandemic, A Rising Crime Wave, A Near-Lapse In Government Funding And An All-Out National Security Disaster In Afghanistan. The American People Are Understandably Searching For The Concert Hall Exits.

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Stockard On The Stump: Welcome To The Green New Deal, Tennessee

Lawmakers Across The State Are Cheering The Blue Oval City Plan For The Memphis Regional Megasite, A Ford-SK Innovation Project To Build Electric Trucks And Batteries That Will Transform Southwest Tennessee.

But The $5.6 Billion Project, Which Will Lead To 5,800 Jobs, Comes With Some Teeth Grinding And Eye Rolling As Well.

In Other Words, To Land This Deal For Another Auto Manufacturer, State Leaders Are Having To Play Friendly With A Company Clearly Embracing President Joe Biden’s Green New Deal And The United Auto Workers.

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Republican Leaders Push Back Against Global Business Tax

Republican Lawmakers Are Pushing Back Against The Biden Administration’s Plan To Join A Global Compact Implementing A Tax On U.S. Corporations Regardless Of Where They Operate.

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