Op-Ed: Feds Ignore Illegal Alien ID Theft Plaguing Americans As U.S. Coffers Fill

The Historic Surge Of Illegal Immigrants Across America’s Southern Border Is Fueling A Hidden Crime Spree Few In Washington Seem Willing Or Able To Address: Widespread Identity Theft By Migrants Who Need U.S. Credentials To Work.
An Extensive Review Of Government Reports, Think-Tank Research, News Accounts, And Interviews With Policymakers And Scholars Suggests The Problem Involves Millions Of People – Though Measuring It With Precision Is Difficult Because Of The Lack Of Data Provided By Authorities.

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Has Joe Biden Abandoned “We the People”? All Signs Point to Yes. (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

When The Great American Experiment Began, Our Founding Fathers Envisioned A Nation That Worked For “We The People” And Enshrined That Vision In The Constitution. But, When I Talk To Tennesseans, It Is Clear That They No Longer Believe That Those In Charge Of The Federal Government Have Their Best Interests At Heart. Tennesseans Are Frightened For The Future And Beyond Frustrated With An Administration That Has Thrown Away The Founders’ Promises.

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Tennessee Congresswoman Delivers Remarks About Biden’s Border Crisis On House Floor

Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger (TN-01) Spoke On The House Floor In Response To The Ongoing Crisis At The U.S./Mexico Border. In Her Remarks, Rep. Harshbarger Addressed How This Crisis At America’s Southern Border Is Impacting The Health And Safety Of Americans, Even Those In East Tennessee.

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Total Southern Border Encounters, ‘Gotaways’ Greater Than Population Of 23 U.S. States

In 17 Months, Those Entering The U.S. Illegally Total More Than The Individual Populations Of 23 U.S. States, Puerto Rico And The District Of Columbia.

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Texas Launches Operations Center To Oversee 15-Agency Effort To Thwart Illegal Immigration

Gov. Greg Abbott Is Launching The Joint Border Security Operations Center To Oversee A 15-Agency Effort To Thwart Illegal Immigration Funded By Texas Taxpayers.

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Democrats Are Gambling With Tennessean’s Safety (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

While The Biden Administration Keeps Busy Sabotaging Border Patrol And Local Law Enforcement, American Communities Are Falling Apart. Murder Rates Are At A 25-Year High, And Violent Crime As A Whole – Including Rape, Robbery, And Aggravated Assault Offenses – Are Similarly Spiking. What We Are Seeing Across The Country Is A Ripple Effect Of The Lawlessness Along The Southern Border. In The Volunteer State, Folks Are Worried About How Joe Biden’s Actions Will Make Their Communities More Dangerous.

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‘Shocking Discovery:’ Biden Knows Drug Cartels Control, Profit From Illegal Immigration, DHS Memo Shows

Border Patrol Agents Are Preparing For “A Possible Increase In Migrant Activity Due To An Increase In Large Group Activity” As A Result Of Biden Administration Immigration Policies, An Internal Department Of Homeland Security Document Released By Florida Attorney General Ashley Moody Says.

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Illegal Immigration Surge Helped Fuel U.S. Drug Overdose Spike

Drug Overdoses Spiked Last Year Alongside A Significant Rise In Illegal Immigration, Raising Questions About How The Increased Traffic At The Border Could Be Leading To More Drug Deaths.

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Little-Known Insights Into Tennessee’s Illegal Immigration Crisis with U.S. Senator Bill Hagerty [Exclusive Interview]

It’s crippling our education system, straining healthcare networks and placing Tennesseeans at a competitive disadvantage for higher paying jobs.

The problem?

Rampant, unchecked illegal immigration.

In this interview, Senator Hagerty tells us about his recent trip to the wide-open southern border and how it’s impacting our state.

He also outlines how Republicans are battling the issue while in the minority with the tools they have available – and how some Democrats in swing districts are even joining them.

No. You don’t want to miss this…

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Federal Judge Rebukes Biden Administration In Lawsuit Over ‘Catch And Release’ Policy

A Federal Judge On Wednesday Denied The Biden Administration’s Request To Dismiss Florida’s Lawsuit Seeking To Halt Its “Catch And Release” Immigration Policy And Rejected The Administration’s Arguments In A Blistering 37-Page Ruling.

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