Gun Policy Group Amends Suit To Lower Age Of Open Carry To 18 After Victory In Texas

A Complaint Against The State Of Tennessee Seeking To Allow Those Between 18 And 20 To Openly Carry Firearms Has Been Amended Following The Firearms Policy Coalition Winning A Similar Case In Texas In Late August.

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Op-Ed: Centralized Power And The Origin Of Appointed School Directors, A Recipe For Controversial Educational Practices

There Is No Constitutional Requirement That School Superintendents Be Elected Rather Than Appointed. However, State Legislators Should Take A Lesson From The Concept Of Decentralized Power And Apply It To The Governance Of Local School Systems, Separating The Power Of Superintendents From Their Respective School Boards. Just Like The Governor Is Elected By All The People Of The State; And Legislators Are Elected By The People Of Their Districts, School Superintendents Should Be Elected By All The People Of The County (Or City); And School Board Members Should Be Elected By Their Respective District Voters. It Is Time For Conservatives To Act On This Important Issue And Return The Sacred Right Of Voters To Elect Their School Superintendent.

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U.S. Supreme Court Justice Says Country Is Seeing Growing Hostility To Religious Freedom

Associate U.S. Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito Said There’s A “Growing Hostility To Religion” In A Keynote Address He Gave Highlighting The Unique Protection Of Religion In The U.S. Constitution.

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U.S. Supreme Court Overturns Ban Preventing Religious Schools From Receiving State Funding

The U.S. Supreme Court On Tuesday Overturned Maine’s Ban On State Tuition Assistance To Students Attending Religious Schools In An Education Case That Could Have Big Implications For Schools Around The Country.

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Conservative Group Calls For Removal Of Hamilton County GOP Chair

Conservative Group Patriots Engage Chattanooga (PE Chattanooga) Is Calling For The Tennessee GOP Leadership To Remove Hamilton County Tennessee Republican Party (HCGOP) Chair Arch Trimble Iv From Leadership “For Malfeasance And Incompetence.”

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An Unborn Child Is A Human Life [Congressman John Rose Op-ed]

An unborn child is a human life.
Abortion ends that human’s life.

As the father of two young sons and one who passed away in the womb, I know first-hand that all children’s lives are very precious, whether inside or outside the womb.

Unfortunately, Democratic Members of Congress would rather ignore this fact and instead advocate for access to abortions all the way to the moment of birth, and in some cases even after the baby is born if the attempted abortion fails to kill the baby before its actual birth. Because of this extremism, millions of children will never walk this earth as their Creator intended. Their lives are being cut very short by those who believe the ends justify the means.

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Tennessee’s New Residency Election Law Is Unconstitutional

The New Residency Requirement Is Unconstitutional And Undemocratic. The U.S. Constitution Sets Forth Eligibility Requirements For The U.S. House. Under Article I, Section 2, A Representative Must Have Been A U.S. Citizen For At Least Seven Years, At Least 25 Years Old, And Must Live In The State They Represent. Neither Congress, Nor A State May Impose Additional Eligibility Office Requirements.
Considering The Law Is Notoriously Unlawful, Voters Can’t Help Wondering What Suddenly Inspired The Tennessee General Assembly To Add This Blatantly Illegal Requirement To The State’s Eligibility Rules For National Elections? The Answer Is More Obvious Than Finding Fleas On A Tennessee Hound Dog!

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Tennessee Must Join Florida in Adopting New Anti-Woke Education Standards

America Is At A Turning Point. Millions Of Parents Around The Country Have Woken Up To The Fact That Their Children’s Education Has Fallen Into The Hands Of Leftist Ideological Fanatics. These “Woke” Ideologues Posing As Educators Have Introduced Sexualized Materials To Children In The Very Earliest Grades. They Are Bringing The Racist And Anti-Semitic Critical Race Theory (CRT) Into Their Classrooms.

Tennessee Needs To Follow Florida’s Lead By Implementing Standards Prohibiting The Teaching Of CRT And Social-Emotional Learning. We Are Coming To The End Of The School Year, Which Gives Us A Narrow Window Between Now And The Fall To Make The Changes Necessary To Protect Our Children.

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Democrats Want To Silence “Mr. Smith” In Washington

When Our Founders Penned Our Constitution, They Knew That “Democracy Was Far More Important Than Just Counting Noses.” Knowing The Fragility Of Human Nature, They Predicted Every Inevitable Compromise People Would Be Willing To Make For Security At The Cost Of Freedom. They Knew Our Constitution Must Be Chartered To Limit Government To Protect The People From Being Abused By It. The Uniqueness Of This Masterful Declaration Is Having The Ability To Agree To Disagree. If We Chose To Engage In Combat, We Have Rules That Allow Us That Prerogative. We Have Countless Tools In Our Arsenal When We Combat These Legislative Fisticuffs. One Such Piece Of Ammunition Is The Filibuster.

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