Disinformation Groups Used To Blacklist Conservative News

Progressives And Joe Biden Are Trying To Silence All Critics By Claiming They Are Spreading “Disinformation.” Their Goal Is To Turn Our Republic Into A Socialist Democratic State Controlled By The Far Left Democrats. The Socialist Manifesto Reads: Take Control Of Media And Education, Inflate The Currency And Divide The Classes.

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Why More Conservatives Are Running In School Board Elections (Op-Ed)

In The Past Few Years As Progressives Have Been Forcing Their Far Left Policies On Public Education, These Often-Ignored School Board Elections Are Gaining Much-Needed Attention From The GOP. Conservative Groups Have Been Stepping Up To Support Anti-Progressive Candidates In Local Board Elections As More Concerned Parents Are Showing Up To Attend Their Local School Board Meetings. Conservative Groups Have Taken Notice That These Elections Mean More Than Just Getting Rid Of The Progressive Curriculum. Their Aim Is To Limit The Control That Democrats And The Unions Have On The School Systems. This Includes The Negative Influence The Progressive-Teachers-Union Alliance Has Done Infusing Their Political Views With Education, Libraries, Sports And Liberal Social Engineering.

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I’m Rubber, You’re Glue: Conservative Republicans Need To Stop Being So Darn Polite (Op-Ed)

Especially Popular With Progressives, The Term Nazi Has Been Used Quite Successfully For Years. Casually Tossed About To Disparage Republicans Voters And Their Supporters Today Became A Tactic Long Before The Obama And Biden Era.

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America’s Political Divide Driven By Special Interests (Op-ed)

This Last Election Pitted Rich Democrats Against Blue-Collar Republicans. This Indicates That The Left Achieved Its Goal Of Bringing Young Wealthy Educated Liberals Into The Party Without Losing Support From Identity Groups. The Question Is: How Long Can Democrats Continue To Patronize Every Special Interest Group Before Middle Class Voters Realize They Are Getting Nothing For Their Tax Dollars Or Their Vote? We’ll Find Out This Election.

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Why Tennessee Primary Turnout Is the Lowest In U.S. (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Next Time You Complain About A Massive Property Tax Hike To Your County Commissioner, Just Ask Yourself? Did You Vote For Him In The Last Primary Election? Did You Know That He Also Works For The County Road Department, And His Division Got A Huge Increase In Funding? Or Did You Vote At All?

Every Election There’s A Lot Of Focus On Who Voted. But There’s Little Debate About Who Didn’t Vote.

Most People Think Voting Is Casting Votes On Election Day Amongst A Frenzy Of Signs And Banners For State And National Offices. Those Who Say “I Voted For The Lesser Of Two Evils” Are Usually Those Who Seldom Carefully Study Their Candidates And Vote For The Best Ones Running In The Primaries.

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Black GOP Candidate Herschel Walker Attacked By The Left [Op-Ed]

Democrats Find Extreme Fault With Walker’s Views On Race. He Has Avoided Involvement In Radical Race Politics. He Has Publicly Voiced His Desire To Address Race Issues Peacefully With Legislation, Not Riots Or Disruptive Demonstrations. He Refuses To Blame Black Social Issues On White America.
Democrats Despise Herschel Walker And Tried To Assassinate His Character, And Their Goal Is To Ban Him From Society Forever. The Day He Announced That He Was Running For Office He Became “Leftist Enemy Number One.” Now That He Has Won His Primary, They’ll Double-Down On Their Vicious Attacks!

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The Lube Guy, The Establishment, And Fighting For The MAGA Agenda In Blount County

In 2016 President Trump Was Elected Because He Took On The Republican Establishment (RINOs, Big Business, Rubber Stamps For Corporate Lobbyists, Beltway Bloviators) To Stand Up For Ordinary Middle-Class Americans. Trump Proved That Often The Democratic And Republican Parties Represent The Same Special Interests. Trump Promoted The MAGA Agenda. We Have An Establishment And A Swamp In Blount County, And Our Battle Is Not Just With The Lunatic Left, But Also With The So-Called “Republican” Status Quo.

Get Engaged. Speak Up. Support A Candidate. Push Back. Communicate With Your Elected Officials. Register To Vote And Vote.

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Tennessee: The America We Need

If You Told Us Before 2020 We Would Be Sharing Our Story Of Moving Our Family Of 6 From Northern California To Middle Tennessee, My Husband And I Would Have Had A Very Good Laugh! And Yet, Here We Are! In October Of 2021, My Husband And I, Together With Our Four Children, Packed Up All Of Our Worldly Possessions And Made That Long Journey Across The Country To Our New Home In Columbia, Tennessee.

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