The Immigration Catastrophe

“Anarchy [is] necessarily consequent to inefficiency.” ~  Thomas Jefferson

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Submitted by Mark W. Fowler, J.D., M.D. –

Given the Biblical admonition to treat the stranger with kindness, the astute observer finds himself conflicted over the immigration crisis. 

The U.S. could have a reasonable, structured, and humane immigration policy.  Instead, what we have is inhumane, inefficient, and chaotic. 

This is so because the progressive wing of the Democrat party has hijacked the Oval Office occupant.  Our immigration policy has no logical basis, no legal basis and has been implemented without regard for the cost, safety, or health of Americans. 

Failing to count the cost of policies is de rigueur for progressives.  They desire utopia, which can variably be described as a perfect place and no place.  They serve one purpose only—to soothe the tortured minds of progressives.  Success is measured by how much is spent, not what works, and virtue signaling supplants measurable goals. 

Consider the following excerpts from the prepared testimony of Steven A. Camarota Director of Research Center for Immigration Studies: 

“The population of illegal immigrants grew by at least 2.6 million since Biden took office, more than the population of 8 states. 

Sixty-nine percent of illegal immigrant adults do not have high school education compared to thirty-nine percent of Americans.  Most do not have the language or vocational skills our economy needs. 

Fifty-nine percent of illegal immigrants use some form of welfare compared to thirty-nine percent of Americans.  The estimated cost of welfare for illegal immigrants is forty-two billion dollars annually. 

Illegal immigrants do pay some taxes, but an analysis of illegal immigrant economic activity indicates that each immigrant imposes a net $68,000 cost to this country.” 

Immigrants are subject to extortion by drug cartels, predation by other immigrants, and forced to stay in inadequate housing like the Chicago airport.

Eight hundred and fifty at least have died attempting to cross the border. They are left in limbo once they arrive because of limited opportunities to work. Women and children are subject to sex trafficking.  Children are hired to work in corporate abattoirs cleaning machines at night. This is hardly humane to them. 

Americans who have every right to live in a community agreeable to their needs find their children displaced from schools to house immigrants, they are pushed out of parks for tent cities, and face increased taxes to pay for the education and support of immigrants. All of this is from a policy over which they had no input.

Finally, the deaths of Laken Riley, and dozens of other Americans are entirely avoidable, and the fault for them is appropriately laid at the feet of those who let it happen.  

As if all of this were not enough, unvaccinated immigrants bring with them measles, tuberculosis, and Chagas’ disease. 

There is an answer as to why this is happening.  Democrats fully expect to make voters of immigrants, as Biden unintentionally said the other day.  Democrats intend to make them dependent on government largesse, preying on their dependence on welfare. 

The arrival of millions of immigrants may well change the trajectory of United States culture in a negative way for decades if not permanently.   

Legitimate questions about this phenomenon are met with cries of xenophobia, and racism, rather than eliciting debate.   

Adding insult to injury, immigrants in Denver are now demanding free fresh food, unlimited shower time, access to free medical care, referrals to medical specialists and free housing. 

Mr. Biden, how many Americans must be killed, have their property damaged, their lives changed due to injuries, their taxes increased, their communities taken over before you are roused from your torpor to do something? 

How much more will the drug cartels in Mexico flourish extorting Illegal immigrants?  How many more must die seeking illegal entry before you do anything humane to help them?    

 About the Author: Mark Fowler is a Board-Certified Physician and former attorney.  His website is Mark Fowler, Right of Center.

2 thoughts on “The Immigration Catastrophe

  • May 14, 2024 at 3:47 pm

    Mark and excellent Op-Ed. Unfortunately, we both know how many isn’t in the mind of the feckless administration.
    The more the merrier for them.

  • May 19, 2024 at 2:52 pm

    Call me all the names you want whiny Libs. It does not bother me in the lest. Deport every one of these freeloading law breakers back where them came from. My opinion on them is pick up a tool or gun if needed and build you own country like we did. Our forefathers didnt find a country. They found a land mass and started building. Like it or not. Facts.


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