What Has Happened To Our America? Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD

What Good Is Knowing About What Is Happening If You Are Unable To Do Anything About The Destruction? As A Student Of History, I Have Tried To Imagine What Others Have Felt As Conquering Armies Rampage Or Injustice Is Institutionalized. I Often Feel Frustrated And Angry As I Watch The Disassembly Of Our Country.
A Friend Asked Me, “What Will Happen?” I Told Him I Don’t Know, But History Teaches That Internal Rot Leads To Societal Collapse Or Violent Revolution. We May Be Spared Because We Have A Mechanism Of Altering A Destructive Course. Voting Is Crucial To Avoid The Inevitable Collapse Which Awaits Us. We Must Show Up And Tell The Progressive Democrat Socialists, “No!” But This Cannot Be Done With A 6% Voter Turnout As We Had For The Recent Knox County Primary Elections.

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Democrats Are Gambling With Tennessean’s Safety (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

While The Biden Administration Keeps Busy Sabotaging Border Patrol And Local Law Enforcement, American Communities Are Falling Apart. Murder Rates Are At A 25-Year High, And Violent Crime As A Whole – Including Rape, Robbery, And Aggravated Assault Offenses – Are Similarly Spiking. What We Are Seeing Across The Country Is A Ripple Effect Of The Lawlessness Along The Southern Border. In The Volunteer State, Folks Are Worried About How Joe Biden’s Actions Will Make Their Communities More Dangerous.

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Why You Must Inspect Every Candidate For Public Office

It Is Election Season In Tennessee. In A State That Portends To Be Protective Of Personal Property Rights, It Is Imperative That The Voters Understand The Rules (You Can Bet The Legislature Knows Them) And How Those Rules Are Used To Light-Finger Your Goods…

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Don’t Let Your Kids Get Schooled By Big Tech (Marsha Blackburn Op-Ed)

Summer Break Used To Give Kids Time To Explore – Camping Trips, Games Of Hide And Seek, And Picnics In The Park. But As Of Late, Students With Free Time On Their Hands Have Traded Adventure For More Screen Time. School Is Almost Out, And Before The Last Bell Rings, Parents And Caretakers Need To Study Up On How To Keep Kids Safe Online.

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Students For Life Tennessee Sets The Record Straight On Leaked SCOTUS Opinion

The Draft Opinion, Which Was Leaked Monday Night, Shows A Majority Of Justices, With Justice Alito Writing The Opinion, Voting To Overturn Roe V. Wade And Planned Parenthood V. Casey. There Has Been Much Discussion And Misinformation Regarding What The Draft Actually Says. We Respond To Set The Record Straight. The Public Deserves A Clear, Concise Analysis Of This Draft, Free From Feigned Outrage And Malicious Disinformation.

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How To Respond About Roe V. Wade

As You Might Imagine, This Situation Is Rapidly Changing.

Note: This Was Only A Draft Decision…No Final Decision Has Been Released Yet. It Was Leaked As A Desperate Measure By The Pro-Abortion Movement To Bully The Supreme Court Justices To Change Their Minds Before The Final Decision.

So, While We Wait For The Final Decision (Which We Pray Is The Reversal Of Roe)… I Know You’re Seeing A Lot Of Crazy Stuff On Social Media.

As Expected, Abortion Supporters Are Losing Their Minds.

What Follows Is A “Toolkit” I Made For You To Communicate Effectively On Critical Topics Surrounding Roe’s Impending Reversal.

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Constitutional Flow Chart For Governance in Tennessee

The Original Tennessee Constitution Was Claimed By None Other Than Thomas Jefferson To Be The “Least Imperfect, And Most Republican” Of The State Documents He Had Seen. High Praise From One As Learned As He, And, It Should Be A Lesson To Tennesseans To Guard That Precious Jewel…

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Tennessee Must Join Florida in Adopting New Anti-Woke Education Standards

America Is At A Turning Point. Millions Of Parents Around The Country Have Woken Up To The Fact That Their Children’s Education Has Fallen Into The Hands Of Leftist Ideological Fanatics. These “Woke” Ideologues Posing As Educators Have Introduced Sexualized Materials To Children In The Very Earliest Grades. They Are Bringing The Racist And Anti-Semitic Critical Race Theory (CRT) Into Their Classrooms.

Tennessee Needs To Follow Florida’s Lead By Implementing Standards Prohibiting The Teaching Of CRT And Social-Emotional Learning. We Are Coming To The End Of The School Year, Which Gives Us A Narrow Window Between Now And The Fall To Make The Changes Necessary To Protect Our Children.

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If All Government Is Local, So Are Elections

Today’s Local Government Political Machines Are A Mixed Bag, Depending On Demographics. In Rural Areas, You Have “The Good Ol Boys.” In The Large Cities, You Have “The Establishment.” But They Are A Tight Knit Group Of Locals Who Go Along To Get Along To Maintain Power. They Do As Much As We Allow Them To Do. Hiding Election Information Is One Thing That They Are Extremely Proficient At.

Since All Government Is Local, Local Elections Are The Most Important Place To Cast Your Vote. If You Have A City Or A County That Is Not Notifying You Of Every Single Election And Referendum, They Are Violating The 1965 Voting Rights Act. They Need To Be Reminded That “Federal Law Trumps State Law And Protects Voter Disenfranchisement.” You’d Be Surprised How Few Local Governments Have Ever Been Told This.

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