TN Attorney General & 26 AGs Urge U.S. Congress To Support Right-To-Repair Law

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti Along With 26 Other State Attorneys General Are Asking Congress To Pass Right-To-Repair Legislation That They Say Will Protect Consumers, Farmers And Small Businesses As Inflation Increases.

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The Fallacy Of Fossil Fuels Vs. The New Green Deal [Op-Ed]

The Green New Deal Is Part Of A Socialistic Policy Based On A Long Running Fallacy: That We Have Limited Amounts Of Oil That Are Not Renewable.

Many Americans (Dems 92%, Repubs 64%) Back The Green Deal Plan (Which Would Include Universal Healthcare) Until They Know The Cost Of Beginning Estimates At $5.2 Trillion Over 20 Years. It Would Also Incur Increased Taxes To Pay For The 170% Increase In The Federal Budget For These 2 Programs.

Ultimately, The Green New Deal, Is Actually Just A “Starter Package For Turning Our Mostly Free-Market Economy Socialist.”

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Milton Friedman’s Role Of Government In Education

Our Founders Promised A Quality Education For Every Youth In The Nation. But By The Time This System Was In Place It Was Run By Politicians, Not Parents. A Century Later The System Was In Such Disrepair Milton Friedman Realized That The Only Way To Repair It Was To Make It Competitive In The Free Market. Most Parents And Citizens Now Believe That More Choice Is Needed And Less Government And Union Control. Giving Parents The Information About The Deficiencies In Public Education And Other Education Choices Will Result In Better Educated Students.

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For The Preservation Of Free Enterprise: Greg Vital Op-Ed

President Joe Biden’s July 9, 2021 Executive Order Intends On Playing Chess With The Free Market By Introducing Competition To Penalize Large Corporations For Existing. And While The EO Claims To Alleviate A Reduction In Wages For Small Businesses, Those Who Own And Operate Companies Know The Bleak Reality: Someone Has To Lose.

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