Parallels To China’s ‘Cultural Revolution’ Taking Place In Today’s America (Op-Ed)

Xi Van Fleet Was Raised In China And Is A Survivor Of Mao’s Cultural Revolution. Living In The Us Since Graduate School, She Is Now Giving A Warning Cry That The United States Is Going Through The Same Thing As China, With The Same Agenda Being Used To Accomplish It.

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Climate Ripe For School Voucher Expansion As Controversial Education Practices Causes Shift From Public Schools 

The Stars Are In Alignment For The Expansion Of School Vouchers Across Tennessee. All Obstacles Have Been Removed By The Court System And Broad Public Support For School Vouchers Is Being Driven By A Variety Of Factors. This Article Examines Some Of Those Factors.

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Free Speech And “Misinformation” – Brandon Lewis On The Alex Abernathy Show

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss How The Pink Palace Drag Show Was Canceled At The Last Minute By A Memphis Museum And How Chattanooga’s Wanderlinger Brewing Company Promoting A “Wildly Inappropriate” Drag Show For Kids.
They Go On To Discuss How American Classical Education Faces Misinformation And Dishonest Opposition In Their Quest To Open Tennessee Charter Schools And How The President Of The Blount County Republican Women’s President Stood By Her Principles And Resigned After An Ultimatum Issued By Tennessee RINOs.

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What It Will Take To Better Education In Tennessee [Interview With Representative John Ragan]

Recently, Representative John Ragan (R-Oak Ridge-District 33) Dared To Ask Tennessee Colleges To Follow State Law After They Had Already Begun To Publish New Rules Aligning With Biden’s Woke Radicalization Of Title IX Which Is Contradictory To Tennessee Code.

Ragan Discusses How The Colleges Reacted And How The Untruthful, Negative Coverage Of Tennessee’s Left-Leaning Press Caused Him To Receive A Flurry Of “Hate-Filled Emails And Vulgarity-Laden Phone Calls” From People Accusing Him Of Taking Away Gay Rights.

Ragan Also Discusses The Many Challenges School Choice Faces In The Legislature And The State And What Tennesseans Can Do To Better Education And Advance The Cause In The Volunteer State.

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WOKE Liberalism In UT System Schools…And YOU Pay For It! [Interview With John Sailer Of The National Association Of Scholars]

Through Inaction By RINOs In The Governor’s Mansion And In The General Assembly, The UT System Of Schools Has Been Allowed To Evolve Into Woke Indoctrination Centers. John Sailer Of The National Association Of Scholars Joins Me Today To Discuss The Ramifications Of This “Evolution” To Not Just Tennessee Schools, But Schools And Education In General, Nationwide.

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Family Values Organization Shares Back To School Checklist For Parents

Capitol Resource Institute (CRI) Has A Checklist For Parents With Children Heading Back To School For The Start Of A New Academic Year. CRI Is A Non-Profit Organization Working To Preserve And Advance A Culture Of Traditional Family Values.

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Op-Ed: A Tennessee High School Student Speaks Out

For Those Of You Who Are Invested In The Deceit That Divisive Concepts Are Not Involved In The Teachings Within Our Public Schools, I Have Some Bad News For You…

These Issues Persisted Constantly Throughout My Time At My High School.

Vote For Candidates Who Will Preserve Student Innocence, Inclusivity, And The Fostering Of Creative, Intuitive, And Free Student Minds. We, The Students Of Tennessee, Are Counting On You!

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