🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration In TN! – RINOs Kill State Sovereignty Bill For 3rd Year – Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN + Fighting Mass Transportation & Mo’ in The BIG 7!

🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration in TN!

📢 Join us THIS Wednesday at the “Protect TN Borders Rally!”

– RINOs Kill TN State Sovereignty Bill for 3rd Year

– Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN

+ Fighting Mass Transportation & Mo’

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Bill To Combat Executive Branch Overreach In Tennessee Dies In House Subcommittee

A Bill That Would Have Helped To Prevent Executive Branch Overreach In The State Died In The Tennessee House Public Service Subcommittee After Not Receiving A Second On The Motion To Hear The Bill.

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Senator Ferrell Haile Files Fake, Do-Nothing Illegal Immigration Bill

Critics Of Haile’s Bill Say That The Answers To The Illegal Immigration Crisis Are Already Clear And That The Last Thing Tennessee Needs At This Point Is More Data Collection, Especially When Considering The Said Data Is Not Slated For The Public-At-Large To View, But Is Meant For The Eyes Of The GOP Leadership, Who Have A Pathetic Track Record As It Relates To Illegal Immigration.

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Master Plan To Destroy Democracy (Op-Ed By Thomas Antkow)

To Paraphrase, John Adams Said That Liberty Cannot Be Preserved Without A General Knowledge Among The People Of The Characters And Conducts Of Their Rulers. Now Let’s Examine The Issue At Hand – Destroying Democracy. I Believe This Game Plan Is And Has Been Ongoing For Quite Some Time.

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The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report & Freedom Caucus Awards Has Arrived!

All Republicans Make Big Promises When Campaigning & On Social Media… Yet, The Votes Tell A Different, Shocking Story. Who’s Telling The Truth? Find Out Inside The RINO Report! – Download For FREE Today!

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