🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration In TN! – RINOs Kill State Sovereignty Bill For 3rd Year – Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN + Fighting Mass Transportation & Mo’ in The BIG 7!

🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration in TN!

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• RINOs Kill TN State Sovereignty Bill for 3rd Year

• Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN + Fighting Mass Transportation

& Mo’ in The BIG 7!

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The Stories –

• Conservative Tennessee State Sovereignty Bill Pushed Off For 3rd Year In A Row – READ HERE!

• Tennessee Bill That Could Put Illegal Immigrants Who Commit Violent Crimes Behind Bars For Life Makes Progress In House READ HERE!

• House Subcommittee Pushes Through Bill To Increase Penalties For Transporting Illegal Aliens Into Tennessee READ HERE!

• Bill Requiring TN Law Enforcement to Report Illegal Aliens to Federal Government Passes on House Floor READ HERE!

• Bill To Combat Executive Branch Overreach In Tennessee Dies In House Subcommittee READ HERE!

• House Subcommittee Kills Tennessee Bill To Create Transparency In Sexual Harassment Investigations READ HERE!

• Protecting Children From Social Media Act to Be Heard On Tennessee House, Senate Floor READ HERE!

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