Tennessee Bill To Enforce Inferior Court Boundaries Passes In Subcommittee (Update 2.19.24)

A Bill That Aims To Clarify That The Judicial Branch Is Not Permitted To Intervene In Tennessee House Of Representatives Rules Passed The House Public Service Subcommittee Yesterday By Voice Vote And Will Now Move Forward To The State Government Committee.

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98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For State Senator, GOP Rep Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights & Much More In The BIG 7!

98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For Sen Bo Watson

GOP Rep Jason Zachary Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights

GOP Chair Gary Hicks Kills Death Penalty Bill For Child Rapists

16 GOP Senators Pushed Covid Jab – Were They Right?

& Much More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Tennessee Bill That Will Enable Violent Offenders Who Murder Kids To Escape Accountability Moves Forward By Voice Vote Called By Chair Iris Rudder

This Week A Bill That Will Keep The Autopsy Reports Of Children Killed At The Hands Of Violent Crime Offenders From Being Public Record Moved Through The Tennessee House Public Service Subcommittee With Relative Ease By Voice Vote, Led By Chair Iris Rudder.

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Legislation To Weaken Tennessee’s Abortion Law Heads To Committee On Tuesday

Senate Bill 745 Is The Senate Companion Bill To HB883. It Will Be Heard In The Tennessee Senate Judiciary Committee At 3:00 P.M. CST. On Tuesday, February 28th. In The Words Of Constitutional Expert Paul Linton, This Legislation, “Entirely Rewrites State Law (Human Life Protection Act) And In Doing So, Creates An Abortion Law That Would Be, In Practice, If Not In Principle, Unenforceable.”

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Speaker Sexton Calls TN Right To Life’s Efforts To Protect Abortion Ban “Intimidation” And “Uncalled For”

Tennessee Right To Life’s Efforts To Preserve The Human Life Protection Act Were Met With Disapproval By Speaker Cameron Sexton Who Said They Were “Uncalled For” And Characterized Them As “Intimidation”.

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The Human Life Protection Act Is Now Under Attack!

The Human Life Protection Act Is Saving An Estimated 900 Children From Being Aborted In Our State Each Month. It Is One Of The Strongest Laws In The Nation To Protect Unborn Children And Is Working As Legislators Intended When They Passed It In 2019.

Senator Ferrell Haile And Representative Iris Rudder Have Filed A Bill To Weaken Tennessee Law That Is Protecting The Right To Life Of All Unborn Children.

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Republican Bills Seek To Add Exceptions To Tennessee Abortion Ban

Two New Bills Recently Filed By Republican Legislators Would Allow For Exceptions To The State’s Current Abortion Ban.

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Right To Work Committee Announces Leadership In All TN Counties

The Yes On 1 Committee Has Announced Its Regional And Local Leadership Team, Naming A County Chairman In All 95 Tennessee Counties. Yes On 1 Will Advocate For Amendment 1 To Place Right-To-Work In The Tennessee Constitution, Which Will Appear On The Ballot On November 8, 2022. Right-To-Work Says That Tennesseans Cannot Be Forced To Join A Union And Pay Dues In Order To Get Or Keep Their Job.

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Reps Robin Smith & Bryan Terry Push Criminalization, Compulsion for Those Refusing Covid-19 Vaccine

Facing Opposition By Representative Robin Smith And Representative Bryan Terry, Who Is Also The Chair Of The Health Committee, House Bill 10, Which Would Protect Individual Liberties Of Tennesseans, May Have A Difficult Time Making It Out Of Committee Unaltered.

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