Tennessee AG Leads 18 States In Lawsuit Against Federal Agency’s Unlawful Attempt To Control Private Businesses

Leading A Coalition Of 18 States, Tennessee Attorney General Skrmetti Has Filed A Lawsuit Fighting Federal Agency Overreach By The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. Under The EEOC’s Guidance, An Employer May Be Liable If They Or Another Employee Use A Name Or Pronoun Inconsistent With An Employee’s Preferred Gender Identity Or If They Limit Access To A Bathroom Or Other Sex-Segregated Facility Based On Biological Sex And Not On Gender Identity.

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🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration In TN! – RINOs Kill State Sovereignty Bill For 3rd Year – Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN + Fighting Mass Transportation & Mo’ in The BIG 7!

🔴 YOU Can STOP Illegal Immigration in TN!

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– RINOs Kill TN State Sovereignty Bill for 3rd Year

– Locking Up Illegal Alien Criminals in TN

+ Fighting Mass Transportation & Mo’

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House Subcommittee Kills Tennessee Bill To Create Transparency In Sexual Harassment Investigations

A Tennessee House Panel Refused To Hear A Bill By A Bipartisan Duo Of Lawmakers To Shift House Sexual Harassment Investigations To A Third Party And Denied Former Rep. Scotty Campbell A Chance To Testify For The Measure.

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Tennessee Republican, Democrat Team Up To Move Harassment Investigations To New Liaison, Attorney General

An Unlikely Tennessee House Democrat And Republican Combo Is Joining Efforts To Move Sexual Harassment Cases From Control Of The Legislature Through A Third-Party Liaison To The State Attorney General’s Office.

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Former Tennessee State Rep Claims He Was Forced To Resign Amid Harassment Complaint

Former State Rep. Scotty Campbell Is Suing The State Legislature’s Top Administrator, Saying He Was Forced Out Amid A Workplace Harassment Complaint Filed By An Intern In 2023.

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Heavy Issues Pushed Aside By Sex – Yet Again

Ah Yes, Nothing Like Opening The New Year With Reports Of An Alleged Sexual Harassment Complaint, Followed By Denials, Of Course. It’s Deja Vu All Over Again.
Forget Private School Vouchers, Abortion Regulations And Transgender Issues. It’s All About Sex, At Least Until They Start Beating Each Other Over The Head In The House Chamber, Where Love Is Not In The Air.
The Latest Hoopla Stems From What Else? Efforts To Cover Up Wrongdoing, All Disguised As Attempts To Protect Victims.

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Audit Finds Tennessee Corrections Staff Overworked, Overtime Overused

Tennessee’s Department Of Corrections Has Had To Rely On Overtime And What Some Officers Described As A “Hostile Environment” Due To Understaffing And Other Issues At Its Facilities, According To An Audit From The Tennessee Comptrollers’ Office.

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Complaint Against Rep. Faison Noted In Judge’s Public Records Ruling

State Documents In An Open Records Lawsuit Dealing With The Sexual Harassment Case Of Former Rep. Scotty Campbell Contained Notes Dealing With An Alleged Victim Complaint Filed Against House Republican Caucus Chairman Jeremy Faison, A Court Ruling Shows.

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School And Media Reports Red Bank High Student Was “Touched Inappropriately” But Classmates Say Assault Was Far More Serious

While School Leadership At Red Bank High School And Media Outlets Report That A Student At The School Was Sexually Assaulted Last Week, The Type Of Assault May Have Been Substantially Downplayed.

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