Protect Tennessee’s Borders RALLY; Violent Illegal Immigrants In Jail For Life; Watson’s Bill Lets Unvaccinated Adopt/Foster; Lee’s Voucher Bill & 4 Other Stories In The BIG 7!

🔥Protect Tennessee’s Borders RALLY – March 20th, Nashville, TN

*Bill Would Put Violent Illegal Immigrants In Jail for Life

*Watson’s Bill Lets Unvaccinated Adopt/Foster

*Lee’s Voucher Bill Language Revealed

*And 4 Other Stories in the BIG 7!

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Alternative Tennessee Sovereignty Bill Undermines Stronger Nullification Bill That Has Grassroots Support

A Bill Scheduled To Be Heard In The Senate State & Local Government Committee Today At 10:30AM May Be A Ploy To Undermine A Stronger Bill That Conservative Tennessee Lawmakers Have Been Attempting To Get Passed For Two Years.

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98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For State Senator, GOP Rep Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights & Much More In The BIG 7!

98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For Sen Bo Watson

GOP Rep Jason Zachary Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights

GOP Chair Gary Hicks Kills Death Penalty Bill For Child Rapists

16 GOP Senators Pushed Covid Jab – Were They Right?

& Much More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Combating “Draconian Overreach,” Sen. Janice Bowling Reintroduces “Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act”

After Failing To Pass In The Tennessee General Assembly In Both 2022 And 2023, The “Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act” Has Officially Been Introduced For The 2024 Legislative Session.

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The Imperative To Defend National Borders (Op-Ed)

It Is The Sovereign Right Of Any Collective People To Define Their Borders And The Method By Which Those Borders Are Breached To Better Integrate Those Who Wish To Enter The Society. Anything Else Is Tantamount To A Takeover. The Overriding Question For American Citizens Is If They’re Willing To Surrender Their Sovereignty For Notions Of Benevolence That May Very Well Be Our Undoing.

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Nullification Bill May Have An Opportunity To Be Heard Again In Next Year’s General Session

The “Restoring State Sovereignty Through Nullification Act,” Sponsored By Senator Janice Bowling In 2023 Has An Opportunity For A Rehearing In The Next General Session In January 2024.

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Gov. Lee Calls Special Session For Gun Control – State Sovereignty Now At Risk (Op-Ed)

After 3 Months Of Public Outcry And Distress, Pro And Con, On August 8th Governor Lee Finally Issued The Formal Call For A Special Session With A Proclamation To “Consider And Act Upon Legislation” Listing 18 Different Areas To Consider. Eighteen Proposals? None Deal Directly With Gun Control. What Is REALLY Going On!?

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Bill Restricting Foreign Ownership Of Property In TN Moving Forward Again In Finance Subcommittee

A Bill Protecting Tennessee Sovereignty That Was Placed Behind The Budget On March 8, 2023 – Action That Typically Means A Bill Is Dead For The Session – Is Moving Forward Once More.

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RINO Votes Allowing Dems To Vote In GOP Primaries, TN GOP Leadership Won’t Protect State’s Rights & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7! – The TennCon Big 7

1. Local GOP Groups Disagree with RINO Vote Allowing Democrats to Vote in GOP Primaries
2. Senate Committee Kills Bill To Protect Tennessee’s Sovereignty
3. Conflict of Interest: Wife Of State Senator To Lobby For More Corporate Welfare
4. Bill To Ban Drag Shows For Tennessee Kids Dies In Senate Committee
5. Republican Senators Take Issue With Tennesseans Rights To Religious Exemptions Enshrined In State Constitution
6. Bill To Improve Reporting Of Death Records In Relation To Voter Rolls Fails In Subcommittee
7. Bill With Goal Of Keeping Obscene Materials Out Of Tennessee School Libraries Advances In House, Heads To Senate Floor

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