It’s All About Liberty [Interview with Senator Janice Bowling]

In this interview, Bowling gives us updates on Corporate/Private Vaccine Mandates & Liability, Forced Masking of Children & Students in Government Schools/Colleges, and Separation of Powers.

Bowling also walks us through how many good bills with strong Conservative standing were killed or watered down to the point of being ineffective in the Tennessee Legislature.

Bowling also offers practical advice for Conservatives who want to help claw back the liberties and freedoms that have been taken over the past 18 months.

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Tennesseans Voice Desire For Protection Of Freedoms At Peaceful Assembly In Oak Ridge

On September 27th, About 225 Tennessee Patriots Gathered At The “Hear My Voice” Peaceful Assembly To Send A Clear Message To Our Elected Officials; Tennesseans Want Our Freedom Protected!

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Federal Court Rules In Favor Of Tennessee In ARPA Tax Mandate Lawsuit

A Federal Court Has Granted Tennessee And Kentucky Freedom On How To Distribute Funds From The American Rescue Plan Act.

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Tennesseans Are Concerned About Mandates, Federal Actions & State Rights [ Interview with Representative Clay Doggett ]

In this interview with Clay Doggett, State Representative for District 70, we discuss how Conservatives feel about the current state of affairs in our state and what citizens can do to affect change.
We also discuss the 10th Amendment and nullification and delve into why state lawmakers are so willing to relinquish Tennessee’s powers to the Federal Government and why have we never seen nullification used when blatantly unconstitutional mandates or laws enacted.
In addition, we discuss the legal challenges the recent permitless carry bill is facing and the letter Doggett just released on ATF rule changes.

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