Almost 98% Of Tennessee Republican Primary Voters Believe Open Primaries Should Be Closed

Many Republicans In The Volunteer State Have Voiced Significant Concerns About Crossover Voting By Democrats In Republican Primaries And, According To Our Survey, The Vast Majority Believe That Tennessee Primaries Should Be Closed.

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Tennessee Republican Representative Resigns To Become Lobbyist

Less Than Six Months Prior To Elections, Republican Representative Michael Curcio (Dickson-District 69) Has Resigned His Post In Favor Of A New Position As A Lobbyist With Talbert Government Relations.

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Democrats Are Not The Only Threat To Your Right To Defend Yourself [Op-Ed]

Most Conservatives, Gun Owners And 2nd Amendment Advocates Agree That The Unhinged Celebration Of The Democrats At The Opportunity To Infringe An Actual Constitutionally Protected Right That They Despise Is A Danger That Requires Opposition. But, The Democrats’ Efforts Are Not The Only Assault On Your Rights.

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INTERVIEW With Rep. Greg Vital – A Fresh Perspective On The Legislature From A Tennessee Businessman

Representative Greg Vital (R-Harrison-District 29) shares his experiences about his first term in the Tennessee Legislature from the unique perspective that comes from being a Tennessee businessman.

Vital talks about the huge number of bills that are introduced but never make it to the floor for a vote and what constituents can do to help the pieces of legislation they care about to move forward.

He also talks about the importance of striking a balance between conservation and development, the significant need to appraise Tennessee’s public education system and the creep away from the morals and values that made our State and our Nation great.

All this and more in an interview you absolutely do not want to miss!

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Oppression By The TN General Assembly On The Right To Keep, Bear & Wear Arms [Op-ed]

The Tennessee Legislature Refuses To Repeal Laws That Cause Infringements And It Is More Than Willing To Offer And Enact Laws That Create All New Categories Of Infringements, Such As As Governor Bill Lee’s 2021 “Permitless Carry” Law. Good Restorative Legislation Is Prevented From Being Considered Under Cover Of ”Doing Away” With New Restrictions Included In That Latest Version Of Tennessee Gun Laws.

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Local Tax Dollars Fund Majority Of Tennessee K-12 School Capital Projects

During Legislative Budget Negotiations Earlier This Year, The Tennessee Senate Finance Committee Chairman Was Asked About The Legislature Removing $200 Million From Gov. Bill Lee’s Proposed Budget Amendment That Was Intended To Relocate School Buildings From Flood-Prone Areas. The Funding Was Not Approved But A New Report Shows That The Policy Is Consistent With Tennessee’s Recent Past.

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No Education Issue Was Too Big – Or Small – For Tennessee Lawmakers This Year

Tennessee Lawmakers’ Scrutiny Of Public Education This Year Ran The Gamut, From Completely Rewriting The State’s K-12 Funding Formula To Authorizing Teachers To Confiscate Students’ Cell Phones If They’re Deemed A Distraction In Class.

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Tennessee Collected $3.4B More In Taxes & Fees Than Previously Estimated

Tennessee Has Collected $3.4 Billion More In Taxes And Fees This Fiscal Year Than Budgeted. But Many Of Those Funds Were Allocated As An Updated Projection For The Year And Was Recently Approved By The Tennessee Legislature Along With The State’s Budget. That Updated Projection Increased The Annual Estimate By $2.94 Billion.

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Lee Still Awaiting Several Late-session Bills From The Tennessee Legislature

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Didn’t Waste Time Signing A New Public School Funding Formula Bill Just Four Days After It Was Passed On The Floor Of The Tennessee Legislature. But The Process For Other Bills Passed In The Waning Days Of Session Has Taken Longer. Several Key Late-Session Bills Have Not Been Sent To Lee Yet For His Signature.

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