1000s Of Illegal Immigrants Coming To Tennessee / TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency, Red Flag Gun Laws & Much More In The BIG 7!

Why is The Tennessee Holler STILL afraid to debate state policy?

Feds to Mass Transport Thousands of Illegal Aliens to Tennessee… State GOP Does Nothing

Trans Prayer on TN House Floor…

TNGOP Pushes Digital Currency & Red Flag Gun Laws

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Cameron Sexton Fought For Trans Prayer On Tennessee House Floor Despite Vocal Conservative Opposition

Two Tennessee House Members Anonymously Told The Tennessee Conservative That Strong Objections Were Made By The True Christians In The House Republican Caucus Meeting Regarding The Approval Of An Openly Transgender Person Delivering The Prayer On The House Floor. However, Speaker Cameron Sexton Pushed Back…

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Tennessee Registry Of Election Finance Requests Attorney General Investigation Of Constitutional Republicans

The Tennessee Registry Of Election Finance Is Requesting The Attorney General’s Office Investigate Two Constitutional Republican Groups Following A Complainant Claiming Their Activities Require State Spending Disclosures. Constitutional Republican Groups Deny They Are PACs And That The Complaint Lacks Substance And Appears To Be Politically Motivated.

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Conservative Journalists Are An Endangered Species (Op-Ed By William Haupt III)

People Wonder Why More Conservatives Don’t Become Journalists? This Is Supply Versus Demand. There Are Few News Rooms That Cater To Conservatives. With The Majority Of Liberal Media Bashing And Distorting Conservative Thought, Few No Longer Understand What Conservatism Really Is.

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While Liberals Decry Book Reviews, Fewer Conservative Books Found In Tennessee School District’s Libraries

While Liberals Decry The Book Reviews That The Wilson County School Board Has Overseen Since April 2022, The District’s High School Libraries Have Fewer Books On Political Topics That Espouse A Conservative Viewpoint.

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Sen. Massey’s Voting Record Called Into Question As She Faces A Conservative Rival In Upcoming Election

In October, Sen. Becky Duncan Massey From Knoxville Announced Her Run For Re-Election To The Tennessee Senate, But Her Voting Record Is Not Winning Her Very Many Points Amongst Conservatives As She Faces Opposition By Way Of Conservative Candidate Monica Irvine In This Upcoming Election.

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Many Factors Paving Way For Education Savings Accounts, School Choice, And Public School Exodus

A Tidal Wave Is Under Way. Students And Teachers Are Leaving Public Education For A Variety Of Reasons, A Symptom Of Widespread Discontent That Is Fueling The Demand For Public Education Money To Follow The Student To A Non-Public School. The Education Establishment Has Created This Problem By Being Out Of Touch With Parents, Teachers, Students, And The Taxpaying Public.

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New Constitutional-Conservative Coalition In East Tennessee

Constitutional Conservative Groups Across East Tennessee Have Come Together To Create The Tennessee Constitutional Grassroots Coalition. This Newly Formed Coalition Currently Represents 12 Counties In East Tennessee Embodying More Than 9,500 Tennessee Residents.

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Critics of Tennessee’s Anti-SLAPP Legislation Assert That The Law Violates Civil Procedure And Can Lead To Abuse By Jurists

Does Tennessee’s Anti-SLAPP Legislation Prevent Frivolous Lawsuits And Protect Free Speech, Or As Michelle Foreman Has Recently Experienced, Does It Offer A Capable Weapon That Can Be Wielded Against A Political Opponent?

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