98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For State Senator, GOP Rep Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights & Much More In The BIG 7!

98% Say Corporate Lobbyist Wife Conflict Of Interest For Sen Bo Watson

GOP Rep Jason Zachary Stomps On 2nd Amendment Rights

GOP Chair Gary Hicks Kills Death Penalty Bill For Child Rapists

16 GOP Senators Pushed Covid Jab – Were They Right?

& Much More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Gun Rights, Red Flag Laws & TN Politics With Will Hewitt & Brandon Lewis On The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast

Joining Steve Abramowicz And The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast Is Will Hewitt From Tennessee Taking Action To Talk About Gun Rights And Red Flag Laws. And Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, With The Latest In Tennessee Politics With An Eye On Keeping The State Legislature’s Feet To The Fire.

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Conservative Candidate Monica Irvine Running For Tennessee Senate District 6

Conservative Constitutionalist Republican Monica Irvine Is Running For The 6th District Senate Seat For The Great State Of Tennessee.

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Hazlewood Running For Reelection Next Year: A Look At Her Voting Record (Update 12.12.23)

Representative Patsy Hazlewood (R-Signal Mountain-District 27) Is Running For Reelection In 2024. A Look At Her Recent Voting Record Shows That While She Is A Republican, She Is Far From Being A True Conservative.

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Parents Speak Out Against PRIDE Flags In Kid’s Classrooms; Discrimination Against The Unvaxed; TN City Wants To Be Exempt From The State’s Sunshine Laws & Much More! – The TennCon Big 7!

Adelia Delivers Stories On Parents Speaking Out Against Pride Flags In Their Children’s Classrooms, Discrimination Against Unvaccinated People In Tennessee, Who Funds Porn In Schools & A Resource To Challenge Objectionable Books, A TN City That Wants To Be Exempt From The State’s Sunshine Laws And Much More!


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Tennessee Woman Uses Past Trauma As Motivation To Empower Other Women Through Gun Ownership

In A Glaring Example Of Why A Decent Amount Of Women, Liberal And Conservative Alike, Are In Favor Of Gun Ownership, A Woman In Williamson County Has Chosen To Transform A Childhood Of Abuse And Rape Into Something Positive.

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What Does Governor Lee’s Demand For A Red Flag Special Session, And That Failure, Tell Us About Who Supports The 2nd Amendment?

Shortly After The Tennessee Firearms Association Sent Out Its Report On The Special Session, We Started Receiving A Lot Of Inquiries From Tennesseans Who Wanted To Know “Who The Problem Republicans Are”, Or “Did My Representative And Senator Protect Our Rights” Or “Are You Going To Send Out A List Of Which Republicans Need To Be Replaced.”

However, It Is Not Easy To Determine Which Legislators Do And Do Not Support And Defend Your Second Amendment Rights. That Is Collectively Intentional On Their Part.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why…

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