Tennessee’s New Residency Election Law Is Unconstitutional

The New Residency Requirement Is Unconstitutional And Undemocratic. The U.S. Constitution Sets Forth Eligibility Requirements For The U.S. House. Under Article I, Section 2, A Representative Must Have Been A U.S. Citizen For At Least Seven Years, At Least 25 Years Old, And Must Live In The State They Represent. Neither Congress, Nor A State May Impose Additional Eligibility Office Requirements.
Considering The Law Is Notoriously Unlawful, Voters Can’t Help Wondering What Suddenly Inspired The Tennessee General Assembly To Add This Blatantly Illegal Requirement To The State’s Eligibility Rules For National Elections? The Answer Is More Obvious Than Finding Fleas On A Tennessee Hound Dog!

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Federal Judge Halts Biden Administration From Revoking Title 42 Immigration Enforcement

A Federal Judge In Louisiana On Friday Stopped The Biden Administration From Revoking Title 42, A Public Health Authority That Allows Illegal Immigrants To Be Quickly Deported During A Health Emergency Like The Covid-19 Pandemic.

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6th Circuit Shoots Down Immunity For TVA Coal Ash Spill Contractor Jacobs Engineering

A Federal Appellate Court On Wednesday Struck Down A Last-Ditch Appeal By A Tennessee Valley Authority Contractor Accused In The Mass Poisoning By Radioactive Coal Ash Waste Of The Utility’s Kingston Disaster Workforce.

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25 State Attorneys General Call On Garland To Enforce Law Prohibiting Intimidation Of Federal Judges

Twenty-Five State Attorneys General, Led By Alabama AG Steve Marshall, Are Calling On U.S. Attorney General Merrick Garland To Enforce A Federal Law That Prohibits Anyone From Targeting Judges’ Homes. The Group Includes Tennessee Attorney General Herbert Slatery III.

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Biden’s Big Brother Will Be Watching Over You

In True Progressive Form, Last Week “Big Brother” Joe Biden Proclaimed He Was Crafting A Personal “Ministry Of Truth.” The Creation Of Biden’s “Dystopian Disinformation Bureau” Will Coexist Under The Department Of Homeland Security. His Government Police Will Monitor And Censor Free Speech. Biden Has Joined An Elite Group Of Infamous Dictators, All Who Established A “Ministry Of Truth” To Silence Free Speech And Advance Their Peremptory Hold Over The People. Adolf Hitler In Germany Had A Ministry Of Truth Run By Nazi Joseph Goebbels, And So Did Ruthless Soviet Dictator Joseph Stalin.

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TennCon BIG 7 Weekend Digest… 7 BIG Tennessee Stories You Need to Hear!

1) Tennessee House Lacks Transparency According To Investigation
2) Acquired Immunity Bill Passes Into Tennessee Law Without Governor’s Signature
3) Tennessee’s Trigger Law Could Ban Most Abortions If Supreme Court Overturns Roe V. Wade
4) Starbuck Sues Tennessee GOP And Election Officials Over Removal From The District 5 Ballot
5) Governor Lee Suspends Executions To Allow for Independent Review Of Lethal Injection
6) TN Legislature Reaches Agreement On Campaign Finance Reporting Bill
7) Governor Lee Signs Several Acts Into Law

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Students For Life Tennessee Sets The Record Straight On Leaked SCOTUS Opinion

The Draft Opinion, Which Was Leaked Monday Night, Shows A Majority Of Justices, With Justice Alito Writing The Opinion, Voting To Overturn Roe V. Wade And Planned Parenthood V. Casey. There Has Been Much Discussion And Misinformation Regarding What The Draft Actually Says. We Respond To Set The Record Straight. The Public Deserves A Clear, Concise Analysis Of This Draft, Free From Feigned Outrage And Malicious Disinformation.

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How To Respond About Roe V. Wade

As You Might Imagine, This Situation Is Rapidly Changing.

Note: This Was Only A Draft Decision…No Final Decision Has Been Released Yet. It Was Leaked As A Desperate Measure By The Pro-Abortion Movement To Bully The Supreme Court Justices To Change Their Minds Before The Final Decision.

So, While We Wait For The Final Decision (Which We Pray Is The Reversal Of Roe)… I Know You’re Seeing A Lot Of Crazy Stuff On Social Media.

As Expected, Abortion Supporters Are Losing Their Minds.

What Follows Is A “Toolkit” I Made For You To Communicate Effectively On Critical Topics Surrounding Roe’s Impending Reversal.

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