2022 Ends With Democracy In A Global Crisis (Op-Ed)

According To The Latest World Freedom Index, Democracy Is Facing Its Most Serious Crisis In Years. Its Basic Tenets, Including Guarantees Of Free And Fair Elections, Human Rights Protections, Freedom Of The Press, And Democratic Rule Of Law Have Come Under Attack Around The World. This Increased Due To The Mandated Restrictions On Individual Rights By World Governments During The Pandemic.

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Why Progressives Fear Elon Musk (Op-Ed)

Over The Past Few Years, Musk Has Embraced A Specific Understanding Of The 1st Amendment And Free Speech. Unwilling To Live Under The Social Restrictions Of Apartheid, He Migrated From South Africa To Canada. While Studying For His U.S. Citizenship, He Realized The Importance Of The Bill Of Rights And Especially Protecting Free Speech. He Believes His Heterodox Thinking Provokes Healthy Discussion.
Social Media Is The New Public Square, And It Matters Who Sets The Rules. Instead Of Silicon Valley Elites Like Mark Zuckerberg Deciding What Can And Can’t Be Said, Elon Musk’s Platform Will Allow Free And Open Public Discourse, Which Is Healthy For Democracy. And This Will Also Make Politicians More Accountable When They Hear People Talking About Them.

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Democrats Suppress Voter Turnout In Local Elections (Op-Ed)

All Blue States Are Notorious For Splitting Local Office Elections From Federal Campaigns. If They Were To Combine All Elections, It Would Boost Voter Turnout For These Elections. Although 93% Of All Voters Prefer Combined Elections, Democrats Refuse To Do This. They Need To Control Local Government So They Can Fill School Boards And The County Commissions With Liberals Who Support Big Government.

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Democrats Earmarked Their Way To Election Win (Op-Ed)

Democrats Realize For The Past Few Years Voters Have Grown Weary Of Them Using The House Floor As A National Stage To Do Anything But Govern. After Their Losses Last Election, They Feared They’d Lose The House In The Midterms. They Are Aware Voters Like “Free Stuff” And Hedged Their Bets They Could Buy Votes With Earmarks And Keep The House, Or At Least Cut Their Losses And That Is What They Did. Texas Senate Republican Ted Cruz Said, “Earmarks Are The Gateway Drug To Excess Spending.” Politicians Are Addicted To Spending To Buy Votes Once They Are In Office. Earmarks Give The Career Politicians Another Vehicle To Continue Their Free Ride On American Taxpayers. They Kick The Debt Can Down The Road Knowing The More Bones They Throw To Their Voters The Longer They’ll Remain In Office.

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Segregationist Democrats Suppressed Black And White Republican Voters For A Hundred Years (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Since Democrats Have Rewritten History In Common Core Classrooms We Hear Little About How The Segregationist Democrats Made Blacks Walk Through Hell And High Water Just To Vote After The Civil War. And We Hear Less How Segregationist Democrats Isolated, Disenfranchised, And Intimidated Many White Republicans From Voting And Even Running For Office During And After Reconstruction.

Fearing A Red Wave During The Midterms, Biden And The Democrats Have Been Rewriting History And Calling Republicans The Party Of White Supremacy And Fostering Jim Crow-2 Laws To Disenfranchise Identity Groups. This Is The Defining Moment For Common Core. Those Who Have Not Witnessed The Failures Of Public School Education Need To Open Up A Pre-Common Core Textbook And Revisit Their History.

If Democrats Control Both Chambers Of Congress After The Midterms, They Will Federalize Elections And End All State Control Of The Process. This Will Enable Democrats To Suppress The Vote Of Anyone They Wish, Since States Will Have No Authority To Write Their Own Election Laws. This Gives Democrats More Power Than They Had Under Jim Crow-1 And Will Allow Them To Keep Republicans Out Of Office.

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Party Shifting Under Biden A Positive For GOP (Op-Ed)

The Scope And Breadth Of The Party-Switching Suggests The Democrats Move To The Progressive Left Does Not Appeal To Middle Class America. Over The Past Year, Nearly Every State Moved In The Same Direction As Thousands Of Voters Became Republicans, Especially In Rural And Suburban America. Can The GOP Lead By Example And Right The Ship For All America? Time Will Tell.

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The DOJ And FBI Only Arrest Pro-Life Advocates (Op-ed)

Aristotle Told Us, “No Man Is Above Or Below The Law.” With Growing Violence Towards Reproductive Health Centers, In 1994 Congress Enacted The Freedom Of Access To Clinic Entrances Act, (FACE) Which Prohibits Violent Or Threatening Conduct Against Those Obtaining Reproductive Health Services. This Is Not Only For Abortion Clinics But Pregnancy Centers Too. Yet The LEFT Only Protects Abortion Supporters!

This Is Politics At Its Very Worst. Biden And His Administration Are Openly Enforcing The FACE Act Against Pro-Life Protesters While They Watch Pregnancy Centers Burn To The Ground And Their Patients Assaulted By Abortion Advocates. To The Left, Lady Justice Is No Longer Blind. With The Midterms Underway, Voters Must Elect Candidates That Will Guarantee All Americans Have Access To Equal Justice.

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America’s Political Divide Driven By Special Interests (Op-ed)

This Last Election Pitted Rich Democrats Against Blue-Collar Republicans. This Indicates That The Left Achieved Its Goal Of Bringing Young Wealthy Educated Liberals Into The Party Without Losing Support From Identity Groups. The Question Is: How Long Can Democrats Continue To Patronize Every Special Interest Group Before Middle Class Voters Realize They Are Getting Nothing For Their Tax Dollars Or Their Vote? We’ll Find Out This Election.

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Why Tennessee Primary Turnout Is the Lowest In U.S. (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Next Time You Complain About A Massive Property Tax Hike To Your County Commissioner, Just Ask Yourself? Did You Vote For Him In The Last Primary Election? Did You Know That He Also Works For The County Road Department, And His Division Got A Huge Increase In Funding? Or Did You Vote At All?

Every Election There’s A Lot Of Focus On Who Voted. But There’s Little Debate About Who Didn’t Vote.

Most People Think Voting Is Casting Votes On Election Day Amongst A Frenzy Of Signs And Banners For State And National Offices. Those Who Say “I Voted For The Lesser Of Two Evils” Are Usually Those Who Seldom Carefully Study Their Candidates And Vote For The Best Ones Running In The Primaries.

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Even Blue States Now Want Biden To Pay For Cost Of His Open Border Policies [Op-Ed]

Now That Northern Big-City Mayors Are Dealing With The Same Problems As The Border City States, They Don’t Like It. Mayor Muriel Bowser Said She Never Expected This In Washington D.C. And Expects Biden To Rescue Her And Other Northern States Since They Did Not Cause These Problems, He Did. Since Democrats Took Control Of Washington, Inflation Is The Highest In Decades. Violent Crime Is Out Of Control, Our Supply Chain Is Broken And Our Foreign Policy Has Disappeared. Now Every State Has Been Affected By Our Broken Border Policy. If This Is The Progressive’s Shangri La They Promised Us In 2020, Americans Aren’t Buying Into It And Will Voice It In The Midterms.

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