Narrative Manipulation And Awakening From The Fog of War

In 2021, Our Lives Dramatically Changed. The Deliberate Manipulation By The Media And “Experts” Across The Globe To Promote Fear And The Suppression Of Dissenting Opinions From The Approved Narrative, Can Be Clearly Seen For What It Is – The Fog Of War. Although It May Have Taken Two Years, The Momentum Is Swinging. Slowly You See Many People From All Walks Of Life, Awakening From The “Fog” They Have Been In All This Time. From The Media Backtracking And The Parents Recognizing The Programming Of Their Children In Government Run Schools, The Yearning Of The Return To Conservative Principles Is Palpable.

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Scientific Research Raises Election Integrity Concerns [Interview with Dr. Douglas G. Frank]

Dr. Douglas G. Frank, a world-renowned physicist, approaches the election integrity issue using the scientific method. He was recently featured in two of Mike Lindell’s documentaries (“Scientific Proof” and “Absolute Interference”) after his discovery of two algorithms that he believes were used to manipulate our elections.

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Vaccine Mandates And The “Comply or Die” Administration

A Deadline Is Coming. It Has Already Come For Many. If You Are Reading Now, That Deadline Has Already Passed For Us; For Others, It Is Soon To Come. There Have Been Many Such Deadlines In History With The Same Desired Outcome: Comply Or [Insert Historic Or Current Cultural Consequence Here].

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The Patriot Post: 25 Years In Support And Defense Of Liberty!

The Patriot Post Is A Daily Digest Of National News, Policy And Analysis — Now The Longest-Running News Publication On The Web. Like The Tennessee Conservative, Patriot Post Is Based In Tennessee.

The Patriot, And Its Large Constituency Of Grassroots Readers And Influencers, Have Been On The Frontlines Of The Conservative Movement Advocating For Liberty For A Quarter-Century. Recently, We Caught Up With Our Friend, Publisher Mark Alexander, And Asked About Their First 25 Years On The Internet, Launching On What Was Then, A New And Untested Medium For Publishing.

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Buyer’s Remorse

What Would It Be Like If You Woke Up Some Morning And Discovered That Everything That You Believed Was A Lie?

This Is Not Just A Rhetorical Question Because So Much Of Everything The Media, iPOTUS, Kommie Harris, Big Tech, “Woke” Generals And The Intelligence Agencies Tell Us Is Questionable Or Blatant Lies.

What If You Realized You Were Duped And Voted For A Demented, Leftist Codger Instead Of An Excessively Tweeting, True Leader? Buyer’s Remorse?

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Tennessee Covid Numbers Decrease As Holiday Season Arrives

After A Year Of Shutdowns, Canceled Events, And Altered Lifestyles, Tennesseans Could Be Headed For A Greater Sense Of Normalcy In The Near Future. Federal Health Agencies Say Tennessee Could Be Passing A Critical Point In Regards To The COVID-19 Virus, As The Holiday Season Approaches.

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Majority Of News Outlets Hate Conservatism [ Interview with ‘Tennessee’s Anchorman’ Alex Abernathy ]

In this interview, we talk about what is going on in Tennessee and why it’s important for people to get their news from a Conservative perspective.

We also discuss the “echo chambers” of the news media, how very few outlets actually originate their own stories and how liberal agendas find their way into Tennessee news reporting.

All this and more makes for an interview you do not want to miss!

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What Tennessee’s Mainstream Media Doesn’t Want You to Know!

At This Event, Lewis Will Discuss The Power Of Conservative Citizen Journalism And Bring You The Latest Updates On Breaking News In Tennessee From A True Conservative Perspective.

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Medical Choice: “Question Everything And Think For Yourself” With Dr. Robert Malone

Since The Onset Of The Virus, We Have Been Told To “Trust The Scientists” But Who Gets To Pick The Scientists We Trust And Why Are So Many Being Shut Out Of The Conversation On Medical Health In The Mainstream Media, Social Media, Government And Corporations? In This Exclusive Interview, Renowned Virologist And Medical Scientist Dr. Robert Malone M.D., Inventor Of The Core mRNA Vaccine Technologies (Including The Idea Of mRNA Vaccines) And RNA Transfection, Answers This Question And Addresses The Controversial Topic Of The Effectiveness Of Masking And Much More. This Is An Interview Not To Be Missed!

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