Families File Notices Declaring Desire For Classical Charter Schools To Be Opened In Tennessee

Following An Onslaught Of Inaccurate Mainstream Media Reporting And Left-Leaning Politically-Motivated Pushback That Stymied American Classical Education’s Attempts To Provide More School Choice For Tennessee’s Children, Parents Have Filed Notices That They Want Five ACE Schools To Be Opened In Tennessee.

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Border Patrol Union Tells ACLU To ‘Go To Hell’ Over Migrant Fight, Urges Votes For Pro-Border Defense Candidates

After Another Clash With Foreign Nationals Illegally Entering The U.S., The Union Representing Border Patrol Agents Is Urging Americans To Vote On Nov. 8 For Candidates Who Will Defend Them, The Rule Of Law, And The Southern Border.

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Help This Poor 2-Year Old In Tennessee?

Let Me Ask You This: If You Saw A Two-Year-Old That Needed Help, Would You Help? Or, Would You Just Ignore The Cries And Watch It Suffer? Did I Hear You Say You’d Help? That’s What I Thought You’d Say! You’re A Conservative After All. That’s Great News, Because There Is A Scrappy Little 2-Year-Old That Needs Your Help Now.

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American Classical Education Withdraws Applications For Tennessee Charter Schools

Following Tennessee Liberal Media’s Misinformation Campaign And The Dishonest Opposition Wrought By Democratic Political Candidates And Anti-School Choice Activists, American Classical Education Has Withdrawn Their Applications To Open Charter Schools In Three Tennessee Counties.

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What It Will Take To Better Education In Tennessee [Interview With Representative John Ragan]

Recently, Representative John Ragan (R-Oak Ridge-District 33) Dared To Ask Tennessee Colleges To Follow State Law After They Had Already Begun To Publish New Rules Aligning With Biden’s Woke Radicalization Of Title IX Which Is Contradictory To Tennessee Code.

Ragan Discusses How The Colleges Reacted And How The Untruthful, Negative Coverage Of Tennessee’s Left-Leaning Press Caused Him To Receive A Flurry Of “Hate-Filled Emails And Vulgarity-Laden Phone Calls” From People Accusing Him Of Taking Away Gay Rights.

Ragan Also Discusses The Many Challenges School Choice Faces In The Legislature And The State And What Tennesseans Can Do To Better Education And Advance The Cause In The Volunteer State.

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Reflections On The Tennessee Freedom Summit

To Be Honest, I Almost Didn’t Go. My Excuse Would Have Been That I Had To Get Up Too Early To Be There By The Opening Bell, And That Excuse Gained More Credibility When The Starting Time Was Moved Earlier By An Hour. I’m Too Cheap To Pay For A Hotel 90 Minutes From My Home, So My Plan Was To Go On Saturday And Skip The Friday Night Intro, If I Went At All; Maybe Show Up Late If I Didn’t Sleep Well. Saturday Morning, I Woke Up Naturally (No Alarm) Early Enough To Make It By 8:00, So Attend I Did. I’m Extremely Glad I Made The Trip.

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