AGs Warn Department Of Labor About Race-Based Apprenticeships

Led By Tennessee, A Group Of 24 State Attorneys General Wrote A Letter To The Department Of Labor Saying Its Proposed Rule Promoting Diversity, Equity And Inclusion In The National Apprenticeship Program Exceeds The Department’s Authority.

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Robertson County Public Schools Teaching & Counseling “Tools” Laced With Gender Theory, CRT & DEI

A Recent Public Records Request For Information Related To Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion (DEI) Trainings And Initiatives Employed By Robertson County Public Schools Since May 1st, 2022, Shows That Resources Utilized By The District Are Heavily Laced With Gender Theory, Critical Race Theory (CRT) And DEI.

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Biden Budget Seeks To Spend Hundreds Of Millions To Train School Teachers In DEI

President Joe Biden’s Budget Proposal Seeks To Set Aside Billions Of Dollars To Push Progressive Gender, Sexuality And Race Ideology At Home And Around The Globe.

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Forecasting (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

I Was A Pretty Good Doc In My Day And Part Of That Was Prognostication. I May Not Be As Insightful As A Forecaster Of National Affairs, But I’m Working, Writing And Praying To Hopefully Make A Difference For My Country, Kids And Grandkids. Past Generations Fought For Me, And Now It’s Our Time To Stand. I’m Not A Meteorologist, But I’ll Claim The Title Of Forecaster To Predict The “Storms” Ahead.

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I Challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout To An Open, Civil Policy Debate & Much More In The BIG 7!

💪 I challenge The Tennessee Holler & The Tennessee Lookout
to an open, civil policy debate.

Will they accept?

Conservative Bill STOPS Social Media Censorship In TN

Illegal Immigration, Property Tax Relief, Voice Votes, Kevorkian Bill & MORE in the BIG 7!

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Vanderbilt Has 1 Administrator For Every 2 Students: Analysis

In Its Hiring, Funding And Self-Promotion, Vanderbilt Shows A Strong Commitment To DEI Principles. Vanderbilt University’s DEI Commitment Includes A Recent $17 Million Faculty Initiative, ‘Identity Centers,’ And More.

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Christian School In Memphis Promotes Gender Sexuality Alliance Club To Students & Keeps Parents In The Dark

St. Mary’s Episcopal School For Girls In Memphis, Tennessee Is One Of The Many Schools Promoting Diversity, Equity, And Inclusion Through The Creation Of Affinity Clubs. Gender And Sexuality Alliance Is One Of Those Clubs. According To Our Source, Parents Were Never Properly Notified Of The Club’s Existence At This Christian School.

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University Of Tennessee System ‘Diversity’ Office Renamed Division Of Access And Engagement

The University Of Tennessee System Is Getting Ready To Remove The Word “Diversity” From A Number Of Its DEI Efforts – Even While Its Leaders Say They Remain Committed To The Concept.

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