How Should Christians Engage Politically? – Interview With Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition

In America, The Church Is Under Attack Daily From The Mainstream Left. Even Our Children Are Targets For Sexual Corruption By Leftist Corporations, Media Outlets And Our Own Tennessee Educational System.

In This Interview, Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition Discusses How Christians Can Get Off The Political Sidelines And Make A Practical Impact.

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Black GOP Candidate Herschel Walker Attacked By The Left [Op-Ed]

Democrats Find Extreme Fault With Walker’s Views On Race. He Has Avoided Involvement In Radical Race Politics. He Has Publicly Voiced His Desire To Address Race Issues Peacefully With Legislation, Not Riots Or Disruptive Demonstrations. He Refuses To Blame Black Social Issues On White America.
Democrats Despise Herschel Walker And Tried To Assassinate His Character, And Their Goal Is To Ban Him From Society Forever. The Day He Announced That He Was Running For Office He Became “Leftist Enemy Number One.” Now That He Has Won His Primary, They’ll Double-Down On Their Vicious Attacks!

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Biden Denies His Own Policies Caused High Gas Prices

A Few Weeks Ago, President Joe Biden Announced He Was Banning Oil Imports From Russia In Retaliation For Their Invasion Of Ukraine. He Bluntly Said That Americans Will Have To Pay More At The Pump. This Left People Scratching Their Heads, Asking Why In 2020, America Was Energy Independent Under Then President Donald Trump? And The U.S. Produced So Much Petroleum, America Was A Major Exporter Of Oil?

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Majority Of News Outlets Hate Conservatism [ Interview with ‘Tennessee’s Anchorman’ Alex Abernathy ]

In this interview, we talk about what is going on in Tennessee and why it’s important for people to get their news from a Conservative perspective.

We also discuss the “echo chambers” of the news media, how very few outlets actually originate their own stories and how liberal agendas find their way into Tennessee news reporting.

All this and more makes for an interview you do not want to miss!

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The Shill: Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD

As We Lurch From Crisis To Crisis – And I Purposely Use The WE Pronoun – I’ve Been Thinking A Lot About My Purpose As A Citizen. Though I Am No Bureaucrat, Technocrat Or Member Of Any Political Party, I Know What Is Wrong In America (And So Do You) And What Should Be Done To Plug The Holes In Our Sinking Ship Of State. This Is Not Hubris (Arrogant Pride) Just Common Sense, Something That Is Lacking In Washington D.C.

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Who Is Really Running The Republic?

As We Watch Our Nation Continue To Implode, It’s Critical We Solve The Mystery: Who Is In Charge In Washington? Since The DNC Obviously Won’t Let Biden Appear In Public Without His Shadow Vice President Kamala Harris, Americans Should Be Deeply Concerned Who Is Running Their Republic. Biden’s Transformation From Moderate Liability To A Card-Carrying Progressive Was Well Planned And Executed By A Consortium Of Washington Insiders Headed By John Kerry And Susan Rice. They Will Continue To Prop Biden Up And Feed Him Cue Cards Until His Surrogate In Training, VP Kamala Harris, Is Ready To Assume Command. This Will Give Them Another Progressive Marionette For Eight Years.

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Internet Journalism Did Not Kill The Daily Fish Wrap

Today’s New Free Press Is Online Newspapers. Internet Journalism Did Not Kill The Daily Fish-Wrap. It Committed Suicide. This New Era Of Real Reporting Was Just The Fatal “Whack In The Face” For Liberal Media. Government And Liberal Media Will Do Everything They Can To Try And Protect Their Turf. So, Information Thirsty Citizens Must Do The Same And Keep Striking Back! Whether The Internet Will Sustain This Quantity Of New Internet Newspapers Is Up To Readers. These Online Papers Must Have Reader Support To Survive. Although These New Editors And Reporters Work Almost For Free, Bandwidth Is Expensive And Someone Must Pay For It. With Limited Or No Advertising Revenue, When They Ask For A Small Donation It Is Out Of Necessity Not For Profit Like The Media Giants.

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Woke Religion Seeks To Cancel What Is Right In America

In The Left’s Woke Religion, Liberal Media Chastises America’s Past Cultural And Racial Indiscretions. In The Chapel Of Wokeism, There Is Zero Forgiveness For Breaking A Woke Commandment In Their Forever Growing Data Base Of Mortal Sins. There Is No Redemption In Woke Religion; There Is Only Banishment For Eternity. You Must Be Canceled Out Since Everything That Was Right Is Wrong In Their America.

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