Banning Pride Flags / Police Doing their Jobs / Expelled Lawmakers & 4 More Big Tennessee Stories!

🏳️‍🌈 Tennessee House Passes Bill to Officially Ban Pride Flags in Public Schools

🚓 Liberal News Outlets Claim Police Doing Their Jobs Hurts Public Safety

📄House Bill Bars Local Councils from sending Expelled Lawmakers Back to the Capitol

& 4 More Big Tennessee Stories on this week’s episode of The Big 7! 👀

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Conservative Journalists Are An Endangered Species (Op-Ed By William Haupt III)

People Wonder Why More Conservatives Don’t Become Journalists? This Is Supply Versus Demand. There Are Few News Rooms That Cater To Conservatives. With The Majority Of Liberal Media Bashing And Distorting Conservative Thought, Few No Longer Understand What Conservatism Really Is.

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Why State Legislatures Are Enforcing Breaches Of Decorum (Op-Ed)

Every Legal Assembly Has An Inherent Right To Regulate Its Own Procedures Within Its Constitution. A Constitution Serves As The Law Of A State Or Nation. Parliamentary Procedure Is A Logical Method Of Maintaining Decorum In Committees Or In The Assembly. This Is The Most Used Method Of Decorum… In Most Democracies, Our Legislative Floors Have Been Respected By Dissidents And Protesters. But With The Rise Of Young Progressives And Their Disruptive Protests, States And The Federal Government Fear Anarchy, Insurrection And Even Armed Conflict Will Seize Control Of Assembly Floors At Any Time.

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American Classical Education Withdraws Applications For Tennessee Charter Schools

Following Tennessee Liberal Media’s Misinformation Campaign And The Dishonest Opposition Wrought By Democratic Political Candidates And Anti-School Choice Activists, American Classical Education Has Withdrawn Their Applications To Open Charter Schools In Three Tennessee Counties.

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The Left’s Battle To Erase Women [Op-ed By Marsha Blackburn]

Democrats Will Keep Using “Gender Justice” To Put Up More Barriers For Women And Erase Gender Altogether. In Tennessee, We Are Taking A Stand. Through Legislation And Local Activism, We Won’t Stop Fighting For Our Daughters And Granddaughters To Have The Equal Opportunities They Deserve.

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How Should Christians Engage Politically? – Interview With Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition

In America, The Church Is Under Attack Daily From The Mainstream Left. Even Our Children Are Targets For Sexual Corruption By Leftist Corporations, Media Outlets And Our Own Tennessee Educational System.

In This Interview, Timothy Head Of The Faith & Freedom Coalition Discusses How Christians Can Get Off The Political Sidelines And Make A Practical Impact.

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