DCS Child Abuse, Campaign Lies, Taxpayer Abuse, Stagnant Scores, Two More Years Of Winter & More! – The TennCon Big 7!

• Tennessee DCS Given One More Year To Get Their Act Together After Audit Finds Children In State Custody Sexually Abused Or Harassed
• Tennessee Right To Life Revokes Endorsement Of Senator Richard Briggs
• Vanderbilt Survey Says TN Republican Voters Prefer DeSantis Over Trump And Support Weakening Of Abortion Law
• Tennessee GOP Chairman Reelected Despite Call For More Conservative Leadership
• Pork Report Says $1 Million Plus A Year Of Tax Dollars Spent To Fund Lobbying Efforts
• TDOE Report Shows State ACT Scores Remain Stagnant
• Tennessee Tech Professors First Amendment Case Against University Dismissed

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Why Conservatives Must Stand Against The LGBTQ Agenda & Drag Queen Story Hour

As Someone Who Lived The Homosexual Lifestyle For 25 Years, And Lived With A Drag Queen, Let Me Share The Reality Of Drag Shows And Why They Are Not “Family Friendly” Events. Many Parents Feel The Drag Queen Story Hour Events, Hosted In Various Public Schools Across The USA, Are Harmless. The Public Is Led To Believe This Is A Fun Way To Introduce Children To The Gay And Transgender Communities. Parents Are Allowing Their Children To Be Indoctrinated, Believing This Is Harmless Fun.

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Crisis, Chaos, And Control: The Means To An End For Global Governance

An Atmosphere Of Totalitarianism Is Encircling The Globe And The Method Of Those Seeking To Obtain Power Is As Old As Time: Create A Crisis That Results In Fear, Confusion, And Division, Offer Assistance To One Faction During The Chaos – Acting As Savior Or Rescuer, And Ultimately Seize Control Of Both Sides Once The “Crisis” Is Over. Machiavellianism Is The Tactic; Total Control Is The Outcome.

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Why Tennessee Primary Turnout Is the Lowest In U.S. (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Next Time You Complain About A Massive Property Tax Hike To Your County Commissioner, Just Ask Yourself? Did You Vote For Him In The Last Primary Election? Did You Know That He Also Works For The County Road Department, And His Division Got A Huge Increase In Funding? Or Did You Vote At All?

Every Election There’s A Lot Of Focus On Who Voted. But There’s Little Debate About Who Didn’t Vote.

Most People Think Voting Is Casting Votes On Election Day Amongst A Frenzy Of Signs And Banners For State And National Offices. Those Who Say “I Voted For The Lesser Of Two Evils” Are Usually Those Who Seldom Carefully Study Their Candidates And Vote For The Best Ones Running In The Primaries.

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Jefferson County Commission Calls on General Assembly to Give School Districts the Option of Elected School Superintendents

Jefferson County Commission Approved A Resolution Calling On The Tennessee General Assembly To Enact Legislation That Would Provide Local School Districts, Cities, Or Counties, The Option Of Electing Their School Superintendents.

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An Unexpected Email, How Conservative Candidates Fared at The Polls, Dems Vote Down GOP, Woke UT, It Can Happen In TN & More!

• An Unexpected Email
• How The Tennessee Conservative Candidate Picks Fared At The Polls
• Democratic Majority On Nashville Metro Council Votes Against 2024 GOP Convention
• University Of Tennessee’s 2022 Political Spending Heavily In Favor Of Liberals, Democrats
• Blount County ‘Family Friendly’ Pride Festival With Activities For Children: “I Cannot Believe This Is Happening Here.”
• Parents Must Opt In To Allow Children Access To Mature Reading List After Parents Successfully Lobby School Board
• Students Support High School Boy Who Spoke Out About Ideological Issues In The Classroom

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