If Roe v. Wade Is Overturned: How Politics Impact Business [Op-Ed]

According To A 2020 Gallup Poll, Nearly One In Four Americans Considers Abortion A Key Voting Issue.
Given This Commitment To Abortion “Rights” Or Abortion Restrictions, The Potential Overturn Of Roe V. Wade, And The Lesser Known Planned Parenthood V. Casey, Could Dramatically Impact Business, Particularly Through The Labor Market.
Over The Last Two Years, Many Conservative Voters Have Left More Liberal Cities And States Looking For The Freedom Afforded Them In Conservative Regions. As Part Of This De-Urbanization Of America, The Three States With The Most Outbound Migration From April 1, 2020, To July 1, 2021 Have Been To California, New York, And Illinois. Combined, Over A Million Residents Have Left These States Alone, And Many More From Other States With Democrat Governors.

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Trump’s in Memphis on the American Freedom Tour! [Interview with Chris Widener]

Chris Widener, Co-Founder And Speaker On The American Freedom Tour, Breaks Down Why He Escaped Liberal Seattle To Settle In Conservative Tennessee.

He Also Unpacks What’s Happening At The American Freedom Tour With Donald Trump In Memphis And How You Can Get Tickets To This Exciting Event.

Chris Discusses Exactly What Conservatives In Tennessee Need To Do To Keep Our State Headed In The Right Direction.

He Says It’s Time We Go On Offense To Combat The Devastating Effects Of Liberalism In Our State And Nation.

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Black GOP Candidate Herschel Walker Attacked By The Left [Op-Ed]

Democrats Find Extreme Fault With Walker’s Views On Race. He Has Avoided Involvement In Radical Race Politics. He Has Publicly Voiced His Desire To Address Race Issues Peacefully With Legislation, Not Riots Or Disruptive Demonstrations. He Refuses To Blame Black Social Issues On White America.
Democrats Despise Herschel Walker And Tried To Assassinate His Character, And Their Goal Is To Ban Him From Society Forever. The Day He Announced That He Was Running For Office He Became “Leftist Enemy Number One.” Now That He Has Won His Primary, They’ll Double-Down On Their Vicious Attacks!

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Dissatisfaction With Biden Presidency To Blame For Poor Democratic Voter Turnout?

Reports Show That Largely Democratic Davidson County Has Much Less Early Voter Turnout Than Nearby Largely Republican Conservative Wilson County.

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Why Local GOP’s Should Reconsider Disqualifying Candidates

The Purpose Of This Article Is To Discuss The Advantages Of Republican Primaries And To Warn That Preventing Conservatives From Running In Republican Primaries Is A Bad Idea That Can Result In Democrats Winning. An Example Of What Can Happen Is Occurring In Williamson County, Where I Live.

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Criticism Of Police, Defund Policies Ignite Epic Violent Crime Wave

After A Year Of Increased Violent Crime, Democrats Can No Longer Blame Donald Trump For Violence In Democratic-Run Cities. They Can’t Blame Him For Defunding Police Forces And The Low Morale And Cutbacks On Policing Caused By Continual Activist And Progressive Criticism Of Law Enforcement. Recently When Asked What Biden Is Doing To Address This Epic Increase In Violent Crime, Press Secretary Jen Psaki Evasively Responded: “We Are Looking Into Better Federal Gun Control Now.”

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