19,000+ Illegal Alien Kids Dumped in Tennessee, RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans, TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda, Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues & MORE in the BIG 7!

🚨 19,000+ Illegal Alien Children Dumped in Tennessee

🦏 RINOs for PAC to Support Liberal Republicans

🏳️‍🌈 TN Judge’s Court Promotes LGBTQ Agenda

🤫 Covenant Shooting Cover-Up Continues

& MORE in the BIG 7!

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Constitutional Conservatives Slapped With Unwarranted Accusations / Child Rapist Death Penalty Bill On The Move & Much More In The BIG 7!

• Constitutional Conservatives Have Been Slapped With Unwarranted Accusations
• After School Satan Club Protest In Response To Groups 1st Ever TN Meeting
• The Child Rapist Death Penalty Bill Is Moving Forward!

& Much, Much More In This Week’s Episode Of The Big 7!

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Conservative Journalists Are An Endangered Species (Op-Ed By William Haupt III)

People Wonder Why More Conservatives Don’t Become Journalists? This Is Supply Versus Demand. There Are Few News Rooms That Cater To Conservatives. With The Majority Of Liberal Media Bashing And Distorting Conservative Thought, Few No Longer Understand What Conservatism Really Is.

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While Liberals Decry Book Reviews, Fewer Conservative Books Found In Tennessee School District’s Libraries

While Liberals Decry The Book Reviews That The Wilson County School Board Has Overseen Since April 2022, The District’s High School Libraries Have Fewer Books On Political Topics That Espouse A Conservative Viewpoint.

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The “Uniparty” Is Alive And Well In Small Town Tennessee

In Conservative East Tennessee, The Deeply-Religious Heart Of The Bible Belt, One Would Expect That Respectable Society Would Steer Clear Of Left-Wing Homosexual Drug Addicts Who Disdain The Community’s Values. No Wonder Blount County Residents Feel That Their Local Government Is Adrift. It Is Well Past Time For Candidates And Officials Professing To Be Republican To Start Acting Like It.

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Divided, BOTH SIDES LOSE (Op-Ed By Kat Stansell)

Party Labels Are Dead And Gone. The Old Terms, “R”, “D”, “I”, And “L” Have Been Rendered Meaningless.
Gone Is The Party Of The “Common Man”. Gone, Too, Is The Party Of Moral And Fiscal Conservatism.
If You Think I’m Kidding, You Can Check What Gov. Bill Lee, Of The “Red State” Of Tennessee, Did During The Last Scamdemic. Lee Authorized The Activation Of Internment Camps And The Construction Of More.
He Also Invited Federal Troops Into His State To Control The Masses.

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Fifth Column (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

Part Of The Solution To Our Problems Is Identification Of Leftists And Their Agenda. We Also Must Have The Courage To Stand Up And Say, “No!” To The Lies Of, For Instance, “Bidenomics.” And There Are So Many Other Lies And Lunacies. Folks, Sex Is Biological. That’s Science. Gender Is A Social Construct. And Listening To A Child Who Wants Gender Reassignment Surgery Is As Perverse As Abortion Up To The Time Of Birth.

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Mopery Or Felony (Op-Ed By James V. Ferguson, MD)

I’m Done Listening To Liberal Elites, Socialists And The AOCs Of The World Because Their Track Record Throughout History Is One Of Destruction. I’m Done Being Civil To The Uninformed And The Quislings Who Vote For Those Who Threaten Our Country And My Family. I Don’t Hate These People Who Hate Me. I Just Want Them Removed From Power, And Their Ability To Hurt Others Taken Away.

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