America’s Trust In Media Falls To An All-Time Low (Op-Ed By William Haupt III)

Although Media Has Failed As Watchdogs Over Government, On-Line Nonprofit News Networks Have Enabled The Nation To Continue Talking To Itself About Politics. These Dedicated Journalists Have Filled The Gap Created By Print And Tv Media. If You Rely On Social Media, The Fishwrap, Or TV News To Keep You Informed About Politics And Government, You Are Living In Dorothy’s Fantasy Land Of Oz. It Is Time To Return To The Real World If You Care About Your Freedoms And Liberties.

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Pray That Tennessee’s Legislative Leaders Find Courage To Defend State’s Model Pro-Life Policies

Once Again This Week Pro-Abortion Activists And Media Outlets Around The Nation Have Focused Their Attention On Tennessee And Our Protective Pro-Life Policies. Not Surprisingly, National Public Radio Made Tennessee’s Hard-Won Pro-Life Laws A Matter Of Public Discussion In An Effort To Turn Listeners And Voters Against Tennessee Right To Life And Our Efforts To Protect Unborn Children And Their Mothers From The Abortion Industry.

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Carter County Residents Stand Up Against Ballad Healthcare Monopoly, Media Ignores Their Testimony

Local Residents Stood Up To Testify Against The Ballad Healthcare Monopoly In East Tennessee At A Recent Meeting Of The Carter County Commission But Their Testimony Was Widely Ignored By Local Media In Favor Of The Healthcare Group.

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What Does Governor Lee’s Demand For A Red Flag Special Session, And That Failure, Tell Us About Who Supports The 2nd Amendment?

Shortly After The Tennessee Firearms Association Sent Out Its Report On The Special Session, We Started Receiving A Lot Of Inquiries From Tennesseans Who Wanted To Know “Who The Problem Republicans Are”, Or “Did My Representative And Senator Protect Our Rights” Or “Are You Going To Send Out A List Of Which Republicans Need To Be Replaced.”

However, It Is Not Easy To Determine Which Legislators Do And Do Not Support And Defend Your Second Amendment Rights. That Is Collectively Intentional On Their Part.

Here Are A Few Reasons Why…

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