9 Of 10 House Republican Candidates Supported By The TN Education Association Lost The Primary

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Chose To Support The Campaigns Of Several Republicans Vying For A Seat In The Tennessee House Of Representatives, But Only One Of The GOP Politicians They Chose To Support Won In The Primary.

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Metro Nashville School Board Pushes Back Against Charter School Applications

After Charter School Applications Are Rejected By School Boards, Decisions Can Be Appealed And Potentially Overturned By The Tennessee Public Charter School Commission, A Fact That Upsets Some Members Of The Metro Nashville Public School Board.

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Are Masks Coming Back To Tennessee Schools?

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss How A Return To Mask Mandates May Be On The Way For Tennessee Schools Due To Their Reliance On Federal ESSER Funds (And The Strings Attached To That Funding).

They Also Discuss The Hillsdale Controversy And Representative Mark White’s Claims That He Will Do Everything In His Power To Block Them Bringing Charter Schools Into Tennessee.

To Close, They Discuss How A Judicial Panel Is Now Allowing The State To Move Forward With Allowing Parents To Utilize The Tennessee Education Savings Account In Nashville And Memphis.

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Rutherford County School Board Member Issues Statement Supporting Charter Schools

Whether You Believe We Do, Or Do Not, The Fact Of The Matter Is That Our Governor & Legislature Have Made It Clear That They Do, And Most Parents Have Made It Clear They Want More “School Choice” For Their Children.
Many Of You Are Missing What Really Matters And Who It Really Affects: THE KIDS.
Most Of These Students Were Already At Risk Before Overcrowding.
Have We Really Gone So Far As A Society To Allow Such Blatant Politics And Guilt Affiliation To Deny These STUDENTS A Choice Of A Classical Education? Should Not The Parents Be Allowed To Choose?

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Candidates In Contested Races In Williamson County Given Opportunity To Debate

The Williamson County Republican Party Sponsored The Tennessee House Williamson County Joint Debate That Was Held On July 12th, 2022. The Debate Featured Candidates Running For State House In Districts 61, 63, And 92 Which Are All Contested Races.

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What Hillsdale College Really Wants For Tennessee Students & Parents – (Interview with Kathleen O’Toole, Hillsdale’s Assistant Provost for K-12 Education)

Kathleen O’Toole, Hillsdale’s Assistant Provost For K-12 Education Joins Us Today To Discuss What Hillsdale College Really Wants For Tennessee Students, What Parents Can Expect From Their Charter Schools And What Tennesseans Can Do To Support School Choice And Better Educational Alternatives In Tennessee.

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Tennessee Education Association Pushes Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Rep. Ramsey

The Tennessee Education Association (TEA) Has Sent Out A Mailer Supporting Republican Representative Bob Ramsey (District 20 – Maryville) To Voters Alerting Them That They Can Vote In The Republican Primary Election, Regardless Of Political Affiliation.

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Op-Ed: Leftist Media And Tennessee Dems Attack Hillsdale Curriculum

Tennessee Democrats And Their Allies In The Leftist Media Have Attacked Hillsdale College And Its History And Civics Curriculum. These Attacks Deploy Cherry-Picked Quotes From A 2,400-Page Curriculum In An Effort To Further A Partisan Political Agenda. Their Coordinated And Concentrated Outrage Is Part Of A Larger Attempt To Reject Charter Schools That Challenge The Control Of The Education Bureaucracy.

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25 Political Endorsements for REAL Conservatives in TN, Election Lies, Teachers’ Union, RINOs Fighting Against School Choice, & More!

• 25 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

• PAC Sends Deceptive Mailer Targeting Conservative Candidate Running Against GOP Incumbent

• Tennessee Education Association Encourages Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Senator Briggs

• House Education Committee Chair To Use Influence To Block Charter Schools In General Assembly

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