Sen. Johnson Pushes To Close Public Records Of Investigations Of Deaths Not Resulting From Crime

Tennessee Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson Has Filed Legislation To Close Public Records Of Death Investigations If The Death Is Ruled To Be Not The Result Of A Crime.

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2000 Mules, 535 Congressional Members, 1 Question

We All Knew Something Wasn’t Right, That Something Perplexing Had Happened. We Just Couldn’t Quite Put Our Finger On What It Was That Had Taken Place During The 2020 Election Cycle. Many Americans Knew Something Wasn’t Right When They Woke Up On Wednesday, November 4, 2020. They Went To Bed With A Probable Outcome And Woke Up The Next Morning To What Was Shaping Up To Be An “Election Day Miracle.”

Yet, We Were Told Voter Fraud Didn’t Exist; Average Americans Were Ridiculed And Shamed Right Out Of Even Talking About It. It’s Been Labeled 2020’s “Big Lie,” And You Were A Fool Or Resided In The Camp Of Fools If You Believed The “Big Lie,” Or Even Simply Had Questions. Lawmakers, Law Enforcement, Journalists And The Mainstream Media, Contrary To Their Job Descriptions, Weren’t Asking Any Questions Either.

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Biden’s Weak Leadership Is A Betrayal: Blackburn Op-Ed

As Our Nation Mourns The Historic Losses Of September 11, 2001, I Can’t Help But Remember Our Troops Who Bravely Entered Enemy Territory In Afghanistan In The Weeks After The Twin Towers Fell. As Of April, 2,448 Of Them Have Sacrificed Their Lives To Keep Our Nation Safe, Along With 3,846 American Contractors, 444 Aid Workers, And 72 Journalists. With One Erratic Decision, President Biden Unraveled 20 Years Of Gains By Our Brave Service Members And Demonstrated The Full Weight Of His Weak Leadership.

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