Majority Of News Outlets Hate Conservatism [ Interview with ‘Tennessee’s Anchorman’ Alex Abernathy ]

In this interview, we talk about what is going on in Tennessee and why it’s important for people to get their news from a Conservative perspective.

We also discuss the “echo chambers” of the news media, how very few outlets actually originate their own stories and how liberal agendas find their way into Tennessee news reporting.

All this and more makes for an interview you do not want to miss!

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How Democrats Crafted The First Impeachment, Helping Defeat Trump In 2020 With Media Help

From the beginning, the impeachment inquiry was rife with episodes suggesting Democrats had a larger strategy. They took an unprecedented amount of control over the process. The record of those proceedings shows that they were conducted in a highly unusual manner. In retrospect, it seems clear that they were designed not just to target Trump – but to protect Biden.

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President Trump Criticizes Latest Impeachment As Continuation Of ‘Witch Hunt’

Trump Says That The Second Impeachment Attempt By House Democrats Is “Really A Continuation Of The Greatest Witch Hunt In The History Of Politics”.

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Special episode Of – By – and For the People! Our news / Our media and our Trust!

Buchanan & Lewis About Our Media. The news coverage – the dangers of echo chambers – social media headlines – and more! In a world where clicks are rewarded and in a culture of dueling headlines. How much falls on the media and how much falls on us?!

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