Tennesseans Want Freedom Of Choice [ Interview with Representative Mark Hall ]

In this interview with Mark Hall, representative of District 24, we discuss the concerns of Hall’s constituents and his take on government mandates imposed on businesses.

As a member of the Health Committee and Subcommittee, Hall also offers his take on why the Tennessee legislature has focused so heavily on the COVID vaccine and left discussions regarding natural immunity by the wayside.

He also touches on the influence medical lobbies and big pharm has had on the legislature and the responsibilities that legislators have to their constituents.

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BREAKING! Conservative TN Senators & 100% of House GOP Ask Moderate McNally For Special Session To Protect Your Constitutional Rights!

On The Capitol Steps, Thursday At 11AM CDT, Concerned Tennessee Patriots & Conservative Lawmakers Led By Deputy Speaker Of The Senate Janice Bowling And Representative Terri-Lynn Weaver Will Gather To Plead For A Special Session That Protects Our Citizens From Unconstitutional Mandates.

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Has Governor Lee Politically Neutered The General Assembly?

In Civics Class, I Was Mistakenly Taught That The Legislative And Executive Branches Were Co-Equal. I Am Increasingly Convinced That Governor Lee Politically Neutered The Legislature’s Leadership Back In Early 2020. Nothing, And I Mean Nothing Else, Could Explain Why They Never Weighed In On These Mandates That Fundamentally Changed The Lives Of Tennessee In So Many Discriminatory, Historic, Illogical And Inconsistent Ways. Over The Past 18 Months, As Tennesseans Constitutional Rights And Liberties Were Stripped Away And Life Was Turned Upside Down, I Asked Myself A Simple Question Over And Over Again: “Why Do I Even Vote For A State Senator Or Representative If They Do Not Have A Say In Life-Altering, Unlegislated Mandates?”

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Coronavirus Containment Efforts Drive Job Losses

While the BLS argues the decline in payroll employment “reflects the recent increase in coronavirus (COVID-19) cases and efforts to contain them,” the White House argued in a news release that job losses were a result of increasing lockdowns by state governors.

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