Clinton High Principal Resigns, Two Teachers Fired After Investigation Into Grade Manipulation

The Anderson County Board Of Education Unanimously Voted To Fire Two Teachers For Their Involvement In A Grade Manipulation Scandal At Clinton High School. They Had Already Accepted The Resignation Of The School’s Principal Last Month.

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More Districts Announce Refusal To Allow Teachers To Carry Guns For Added Protection in Tennessee Public Schools

Legislation That Authorizes Tennessee Teachers To Carry Handguns On Campus Has Been Signed By Governor Bill Lee And Given A Public Chapter Number, But No School District Has Expressed That They Are On Board With The Policy Change.

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Lee Signs Bill Outlining Zero-Tolerance For Threats of Mass Violence In Tennessee Schools

Governor Bill Lee Has Signed Into Law A Bill That Provides A More Structured And Detailed Approach To Zero-Tolerance Policies For Threats Of Mass Violence In Tennessee Schools.

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12 Republicans Allow Gay Pride Flags In TN Schools Ahead Of Election, TN Teachers Can Carry Guns To Defend Kids, Bill To Imprison Illegal Aliens For Life, Resurrected & Passed & 4 More Stories!

🏳️‍🌈 12 Republicans Allow Gay Pride Flags in TN Schools Ahead of Election

🔫 TN Teachers Can Carry Guns to Defend Kids

🚔 Bill to Imprison Illegal Aliens for Life, Resurrected & Passed

+ 4 More Stories in the BIG 7!

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Tennessee School Districts Plan To Refuse New Law Allowing Teachers To Protect Students By Carrying Firearms On Campus

Despite The Fact That Both The Tennessee House And Senate Passed Legislation Allowing Teachers To Carry Handguns On Campus, Many School Districts Across The State Are Hesitant To Discuss Changes To Their Policies And Others Have Already Stated That They Will Not Allow Teachers To Be Armed.

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Legislation Allowing Approved Teachers To Be Armed On Tennessee Campuses Passes In House And Senate

Legislation That Authorizes Tennessee Faculty And Staff Members To Carry A Concealed Handgun On School Grounds After Meeting Certain Requirements Has Now Passed In The House And Senate And Will Soon Land On Governor Lee’s Desk For His Signature.

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Tennessee House Set To Discuss Concealed Carry For School Employees

A Bill That Would Allow Qualified Employees To Concealed Carry Firearms In A School Is Scheduled To Be Discussed By The Tennessee House On Wednesday.

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