Legislative Report Card Ranks Tennessee’s Top 5 GOP Lawmakers

The Tennessee Legislative Report Card (TLRC) Has Given Senator Mark Pody, Representative Terri Lynn Weaver, Senator Janice Bowling And Retiring Representatives Jerry Sexton And Bruce Griffey The Highest Rankings Of All Republicans In The Tennessee General Assembly.

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28 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

***Update – We’ve added three more candidates to our Endorsement list!***

Tennessee Conservative’s List Of Endorsements For The 2022 Election Season. We May Add More Candidates To Our List Of Endorsements As Time Goes On.

We Are Endorsing Multiple Candidates That Are Running Against Republican Incumbents, Many Are RINO’s While Some Are Moderate Benchwarmers.

The Fact Is, We Never Truly Know How A New Individual Will Perform Once Elected To Office. But We Certainly Know How Those Who Have Held Office Have Performed And Their Track Records Demonstrate That It’s Time For A Change.

This List, In Our Opinion, Reflects The Candidates That We Believe Would Best Serve Conservative Principles Should They Be Elected Or Re-Elected To Office.

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Tennessee Incumbents Use Taxpayer Dollars For Self-Promotion During Election Year

With 2022 Being An Election Year, Mailers That Appear To Be Focused Solely On Self-Promotion, With The Purpose Of Highlighting A Legislator’s Accomplishments, Essentially Work As Campaign Pieces Funded By Tennessee Taxpayers.

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Tennesseans To Vote To Protect Religious Rights In Politics

This Fall, Voters In Tennessee Will Be Given An Opportunity To Remove Wording From The State Constitution That Bans Religious Leaders From Being Able To Serve In The State Legislature.

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Senate Republicans Caught Off Guard By Redistricting Ruling

Senate Republicans Who Rule The Roost In The Legislature Were Reportedly “Shocked” Last Week When A Three-Judge Panel Blocked Their Senate Redistricting Plan, Finding It Violated The State Constitution.

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Some Senate Republicans Do Not Support Legislation To Ban Abortions In Tennessee (Update 4.1.22)

A bill that would ban abortions in the state of Tennessee is on the calendar for the full House Health Committee on March 30th, with the Senate version scheduled to be heard by the Senate Judiciary Committee on March 29th.

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TN Lobbyist Association Urges Members To Action Against Lobbying Transparency Legislation (Update 3/24/22)

On March 18th, The Tennessee Lobbyist Association (TLA) Sent An Email To All Their Members Urging Their Action To Lobby Against ‘Transparency For Taxpayer-Funded Lobbying’ Legislation Currently Being Considered In The General Assembly.

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Bill to Ban Abortions Passes Through To House Health Committee

A Bill That Would Ban Abortions In The State Of Tennessee Has Passed The House Health Subcommittee And Is Now On The Calendar For The Full Health Committee. The Bill Is Modeled After Legislation Passed In Texas, Which Resulted In A 60% Decrease Of Abortions Performed In The State.

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