Tres Wittum Causes Disturbance At GOP Event By “Standing Up And Speaking Out”

One Of The Republican Candidates For The New 5th Congressional District Was Removed From The Tennessee Republican Party’s Annual Statesman’s Dinner On Saturday. Tres Wittum Who Attended The Fundraiser At Music City Center Caused A Disturbance By Loudly Addressing Lt. Gov. Randy McNally And Speaker Sexton Cameron As They Took The Stage.

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28 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

***Update – We’ve added three more candidates to our Endorsement list!***

Tennessee Conservative’s List Of Endorsements For The 2022 Election Season. We May Add More Candidates To Our List Of Endorsements As Time Goes On.

We Are Endorsing Multiple Candidates That Are Running Against Republican Incumbents, Many Are RINO’s While Some Are Moderate Benchwarmers.

The Fact Is, We Never Truly Know How A New Individual Will Perform Once Elected To Office. But We Certainly Know How Those Who Have Held Office Have Performed And Their Track Records Demonstrate That It’s Time For A Change.

This List, In Our Opinion, Reflects The Candidates That We Believe Would Best Serve Conservative Principles Should They Be Elected Or Re-Elected To Office.

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Senator Bo Watson Anticipates New Data Will Show In-Person Learning Led To Quicker Learning Loss Recovery

Tennessee State Senator Bo Watson Stressed The Importance Of In-Person Learning For Students At A Recent Friends Of Hixson Meeting. Watson Believes That School Districts That Prioritized Having Students In School Recovered Quicker.

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Tax Breaks Total $280 Million Amid Sky-Rocketing Revenues

Considering The State’s Budget Hit $52.8 Billion For Fiscal 2022-23, Starting July 1, And Revenue For This Budget Year Continues To Soar Past Projections, Some Question Exists Whether The State Went Far Enough In Returning Money To Taxpayers.

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Lee Faces Deadline To Sign State Budget, HOPE Scholarship Expansion Bills

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee Will Decide On Whether Or Not To Sign The State Budget Appropriations Bill, A Bill Expanding The State’s HOPE Scholarship Program And A Bill That Will Establish A One-Year Moratorium On State Personal Vehicle And Motorcycle Registration Fees This Week.

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Local Tax Dollars Fund Majority Of Tennessee K-12 School Capital Projects

During Legislative Budget Negotiations Earlier This Year, The Tennessee Senate Finance Committee Chairman Was Asked About The Legislature Removing $200 Million From Gov. Bill Lee’s Proposed Budget Amendment That Was Intended To Relocate School Buildings From Flood-Prone Areas. The Funding Was Not Approved But A New Report Shows That The Policy Is Consistent With Tennessee’s Recent Past.

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Lobbyists For Titans Stadium Include Family Members Of Top Tennessee Officials

To Secure Passage Of Tennessee Governor Bill Lee’s $52.8 Billion Budget, Which Included $500 Million In State Bonds To Fund A New Domed Stadium For The Tennessee Titans, The Organization Built A Team Of 15 Individuals To Lobby Legislators To Secure Their Votes. Among The Lobbyists Included Nicole Watson, Wife Of Senator Bo Watson And Virginia Ezell Briley, Daughter Of Tennessee’s Commissioner Of Tourist Development, Mark Ezell.

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TN Officials Award $175M In Grants For Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Pilot Program

Tennessee Announced An Award Of $25 Million A Piece For Seven Groups As Part Of A $175 Million Grant Process For Three-Year Pilot Programs With Federal Temporary Assistance For Needy Families Funds.

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