Tennesseans Stand Up Against Illegal Immigration At Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally At State Capitol

Over 200 Conservative Tennesseans Lined The Steps Of The State Capitol On Wednesday Afternoon In Support Of The Tennessee Conservative’s Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally.

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Video Footage: Protect Tennessee Border’s Rally In Nashville!

The Tennessee Conservative Hosted the Protect TN’s Borders Rally on March 20th, 2024 in Nashville on the Capitol steps behind Beth Harwell Plaza at 1PM Central time.

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Here Is The Location Of Today’s Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally!

If You Want To Stop Illegal Immigration In The Volunteer State, Show Up & Sound Off!

The Rally Starts at TODAY at 1PM!

Wednesday, March 20th at 1PM Central Nashville, Tennessee – Capitol Steps Behind Beth Harwell Plaza.

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The Scourge Of Illegal Immigration & What Tennessee Can Do About It

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative & Steve Abramowicz, Host Of The Mill Creek View Tennessee Podcast Joins Matt Murphy On 99.7 WTN Super Talk Radio To Discuss What Tennessee Can Do About The Flood Of Illegal Immigrants Coming Into The State.

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The Biden Administration Is Trafficking Children Into Tennessee – Forge & Anvil Podcast

In This Edition Of Forge And Anvil “In The Van” Podcast, Connor Talks About How The Biden Administration Is Secretly Flying Illegals All Across The Country In The Dead Of Night Covering The Tennessee Conservative’s Article “How Biden Is Likely Flying Thousands Of Illegal Aliens Into Tennessee.”

Connor Offers Commentary On The Article And Gives The Audience A Preview Of The Tennessee Conservative’s “Protect Tennessee’s Borders” Rally In Nashville On March 20th.

Sign Up For The Rally Today!

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Why Things Are Broken In Tennessee & What Christian Conservatives Need To Do – Faith In Action Talk Radio

Faith In Action Christian Talk Radio’s Matthew Nowlin & Shawn Graham Are Joined By The Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Brandon Lewis. They Discuss What Is Wrong In Tn Politics, The Role Of The Church And Christians And How Engagement Is A Necessity For Affecting Change.

Brandon & TTC Are Hosting The “Protect Tennessee’s Borders” Rally In Nashville On March 20th.

Sign Up Today!

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Patriots Are Preparing To Protect Tennessee’s Borders!

The Momentum Is Building…

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Why Tennessee Needs The Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally – Live With Chris Hand 99.7 WTN Super Talk

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative Joins Chris Hand On 99.7 WTN Super Talk Radio To Discuss The Many Reasons Why Tennessee Needs The “Protect TN Borders Rally” To Aid In Addressing The Illegal Immigration Crisis At The State-Level.

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99% Disagree With TN GOP Leadership’s Stance On Illegal Immigration, “Protect Tennessee’s Borders Rally” Coming Soon

Survey Results Show That 99% Of Respondents Disagree With Tennessee GOP Leadership’s Stance That Illegal Immigration Is A “Federal Issue,” Answering That “GOP State Lawmakers Should Pass Laws To Stop Or Discourage It.”

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District Attorney’s Office In Same County As Rogue Judge To Address Homeschooling And Truancy At Upcoming GOP Meeting

District Attorney Craig Northcott Will Be Addressing Homeschooling And Truancy Issues At The Coffee County Republican Party’s August Meeting On The 31st At 7:00 Pm. Meanwhile, The Coffee County School District That Judge Ewell, Jr. Orders Students Back To Has Less Than 40% Proficiency In Overall ELA Scores Across All Grades And Less Than 30% When It Comes To Math.

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