Bill To “Rebrand” Poor Performing Department In Charge Of Failing Schools Wins Support Of Republicans

Democrat Representative Antonio Parkinson Introduced His Bill In The House Education Administration Committee On Wednesday Sounding Like A Conservative When He Likened A Hypothetical Bad Business Investment To Funding For A State Run School District.

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Legislation Aims To Finish Initiative Started Last Session: To Get Porn Out Of Tennessee School Libraries

A Pair Of Bills Will Be Heard Before The Criminal Justice Subcommittee At Noon On 3/7/2023, That Will Set Out To Finish A Task Yet To Be Accomplished In The State Of Tennessee.

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Legislators Propose Variety Of Bills To Change New Third-Grade Retention Law

At Least 18 Different Bills Have Been Proposed In An Attempt To Consider Concerns Regarding The New Retention Law That Could Potentially Have Thousands Of Students Facing Summer School In Order To Keep From Repeating The Third Grade.

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Bill Filed In TN Legislature For More Transparency On Food Labels About “Vaccine Materials”

Although Reading Food Product Labels Will Likely Still Require A Few Google Searches From The Average Consumer, Proposed Legislation Does Bring Attention To An Issue That Many Tennessee Residents May Not Previously Have Been Aware Of.

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Tennessee Rep Proposes Bill To Raise Age Requirement for First Grade

As Educators And Parents Across The State Continue To Debate The New Third Grade Retention Law, State Representative Scott Cepicky Has Plans To Introduce Some New And Different Legislation.

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TN House Majority Leader Pushes Bill To Give Incentives For Early College Completion

House Majority Leader William Lamberth Says He Plans To Sponsor A Bill That Would Offer Incentives To Hope Scholarship Recipients Who Complete Their College Degrees Early.

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State Representative Responds As School Districts Speak Out Against Third Grade Retention

School Districts Across The State Continue To Speak Out Against Tennessee’s Controversial New Third Grade Retention Law. In Response, The State’s Education Instruction Subcommittee Chair Says He Is Open To Revisiting The Law And Considering Modifications.

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28 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

***Update – We’ve added three more candidates to our Endorsement list!***

Tennessee Conservative’s List Of Endorsements For The 2022 Election Season. We May Add More Candidates To Our List Of Endorsements As Time Goes On.

We Are Endorsing Multiple Candidates That Are Running Against Republican Incumbents, Many Are RINO’s While Some Are Moderate Benchwarmers.

The Fact Is, We Never Truly Know How A New Individual Will Perform Once Elected To Office. But We Certainly Know How Those Who Have Held Office Have Performed And Their Track Records Demonstrate That It’s Time For A Change.

This List, In Our Opinion, Reflects The Candidates That We Believe Would Best Serve Conservative Principles Should They Be Elected Or Re-Elected To Office.

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Tennessee Legislature Wraps Up Tempestuous Session

The Legislature Adopted An Ethics Reform Bill On The Final Day Of The 112th Session, One Supposedly Designed To Shed More Light On So-Called Dark Money.

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