Protest Issued To TN Governor Bill Lee On Appointment Of New Commissioner Of Education

A Member Of The Tennessee Textbook And Instructional Materials Quality Commission, Laurie Cardoza Moore, Is This Week Issuing An Open Letter To Tennessee State’s Governor, Bill Lee, Protesting The Appointment Of The Newly Announced Commissioner Of Education.

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Op-Ed: Can American History Survive This Generation?

Norman Cousins Wrote, “History Is A Vast Early Warning System.”

If We Want To Understand Today, We Have To Know What Happened Yesterday. History Is An Encyclopedia Of Accidents, Successes, Blunders, Surprises And Absurdities.

It Is A Roadmap Of The Past Drawn For The Future. Anyone Who Fails To Study History As It Was Written Doesn’t Appreciate Today’s America And All Of Its Opportunities.

Those Who Take Our History Personal Are Living In The Past Because They Fear Today And Tomorrow.

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Segregationist Democrats Suppressed Black And White Republican Voters For A Hundred Years (William Haupt III Exclusive Editorial)

Since Democrats Have Rewritten History In Common Core Classrooms We Hear Little About How The Segregationist Democrats Made Blacks Walk Through Hell And High Water Just To Vote After The Civil War. And We Hear Less How Segregationist Democrats Isolated, Disenfranchised, And Intimidated Many White Republicans From Voting And Even Running For Office During And After Reconstruction.

Fearing A Red Wave During The Midterms, Biden And The Democrats Have Been Rewriting History And Calling Republicans The Party Of White Supremacy And Fostering Jim Crow-2 Laws To Disenfranchise Identity Groups. This Is The Defining Moment For Common Core. Those Who Have Not Witnessed The Failures Of Public School Education Need To Open Up A Pre-Common Core Textbook And Revisit Their History.

If Democrats Control Both Chambers Of Congress After The Midterms, They Will Federalize Elections And End All State Control Of The Process. This Will Enable Democrats To Suppress The Vote Of Anyone They Wish, Since States Will Have No Authority To Write Their Own Election Laws. This Gives Democrats More Power Than They Had Under Jim Crow-1 And Will Allow Them To Keep Republicans Out Of Office.

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Parents Group Sues Williamson County Board Of Education Over Critical Race Theory

Parents’ Choice Tennessee, A Parents’ Advocacy Group, Filed Suit In Franklin, Tennessee, Challenging The School Board’s Adoption Of A Curriculum That The Group Says Violates Tennessee Laws Prohibiting The Teaching Of Critical Race Theory And Common Core.

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Tennessee Must Join Florida in Adopting New Anti-Woke Education Standards

America Is At A Turning Point. Millions Of Parents Around The Country Have Woken Up To The Fact That Their Children’s Education Has Fallen Into The Hands Of Leftist Ideological Fanatics. These “Woke” Ideologues Posing As Educators Have Introduced Sexualized Materials To Children In The Very Earliest Grades. They Are Bringing The Racist And Anti-Semitic Critical Race Theory (CRT) Into Their Classrooms.

Tennessee Needs To Follow Florida’s Lead By Implementing Standards Prohibiting The Teaching Of CRT And Social-Emotional Learning. We Are Coming To The End Of The School Year, Which Gives Us A Narrow Window Between Now And The Fall To Make The Changes Necessary To Protect Our Children.

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Woke Religion Seeks To Cancel What Is Right In America

In The Left’s Woke Religion, Liberal Media Chastises America’s Past Cultural And Racial Indiscretions. In The Chapel Of Wokeism, There Is Zero Forgiveness For Breaking A Woke Commandment In Their Forever Growing Data Base Of Mortal Sins. There Is No Redemption In Woke Religion; There Is Only Banishment For Eternity. You Must Be Canceled Out Since Everything That Was Right Is Wrong In Their America.

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COVID Exposed The Flaws In Federalized Education

When COVID-19 shut down classrooms from coast to coast, few districts had contingency plans to plug the hole it put in our children’s learning skills and plans for the next year. This impacted many of their SAT scores, scholarships, college entrance requirements and exams. With no strategic plans during a shutdown, and generous union contracts, school teachers across the U.S. collected full time checks while sitting home. States require schools to include 180 days of classroom instruction and teaching programs. But this was ignored around America. Teachers got paid if they worked or not and many children played with friends instead of doing lessons in quarantine. The only students schooled as usual were by home schooling parents.

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