Blackburn Op-Ed: Why Is Critical Race Theory Dangerous For Our Kids?

For Months, Parents Have Raised The Alarm About The Left’s Effort To Brainwash Our Children By Injecting Critical Race Theory (CRT) Into Public School Curriculum. One Tennessee Mom Recently Warned Williamson County Parents That Her Seven-Year-Old Daughter Came Home From School Saying, “I’m Ashamed That I’m White.” Her Daughter Asked, “Is There Something Wrong With Me? Why Am I Hated So Much?” This Reaction Is Reason Enough To Start Asking Questions, But Those Who Have Yet To Investigate The Tenets Of CRT Will Be Shocked To Know That This Child’s Distress Was The Desired Result Of Her Lessons. If Left Unchecked, This Mental And Emotional Trauma Will Worm Its Way Into Every Classroom In America.

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