The Slippery Slope Of Red Flag Gun Laws [Op-Ed]

The Senate Has Now Passed The Onus Of “Gun Control” On To The States. They Expand Background Checks, And Fund School Safety Programs. They Will Also Incentivize States To Pass More Red Flag Laws. Since States Have Almost “Innumerable Powers” They Will Pressure Each State To Pass Stricter Gun Laws.

All Government Is Local, And All Liberty Is Too. The Rubber Meets The Road In Every State Legislature. Politicians Are Addicted To Money And Easily Swayed By Federal Gratuities. But What Happens In Our States Ends Up In DC. As States Trade Our Gun Rights For Abusive “Red Flag Laws,” Citizens That Do Not Challenge Them Don’t Covet Their Freedom. They Will Be Crying And Moaning When Progressives Win Their Campaign To Repeal Their 2nd Amendment.

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