TTC Health & Wellness: The Immune System is WHERE?

Though Viruses Have Long Been Touted As Something To Be Afraid Of, They May Not Be As Big Of A Problem As We Have Been Led To Believe. There Is A Lot Of Controversial Information About This Topic, So I Invite You To Open Your Critical Thinking Mind Even Wider And Take A Look At This Information About What’s Potentially Making People Ill. Considering That 80-90% Of The Immune System Is In The Gut, It Is Logical To Think We Should Take Good Care Of It.

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Let’s Consider Covid Testing With Nasal Swabs. First, A Sample Of Secretions/Cells Must Be Obtained From A Person’s Nasopharynx With The Proper Swab. Then The Material Must Be Carefully Preserved And Taken To A Lab For Analysis. Much Can Go Wrong In The Sampling And Chain Of Custody Procedure.

The Doctor And Skeptic In Me Considers Such Things. I Wonder Why There Was Virtually No Influenza Last Year, While In A Typical Influenza Season There Would Be 30 To 40,000 Deaths In America. I Guess COVID Cured Influenza.

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Maury County Mayor Speaks Out On Mask Mandates, School Closures

Maury County Mayor Andy Ogles speaks of the impact freedom of choice has had on the spread of the coronavirus and the unintended consequences of the decisions of our leaders.

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