‘Wake-Up Call’: Top Credit Agency Downgrades U.S. Rating

One Of The Top International Credit Rating Agencies Has Downgraded The United States Government’s Credit Rating From The Highest Level Of AAA Down One Tier To AA+, A Serious Economic Signpost As U.S. Debt Continues To Soar And Deficits Remain Elevated.

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Federal Government Agrees To $9.2B Loan For Ford Projects In Tennessee And Kentucky

The U.S. Department Of Energy Has Conditionally Agreed To Loan Ford Motor Co. Up To $9.2 Billion For The Blue Oval Projects In Kentucky And Tennessee.

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Why Local Conservative Groups Should Focus On A Clear, Measurable Mission – Interview With Kurt Riley

While All Conservative Groups Want To See Real Change In Their Government, Most Really Don’t Know What To Do Or Exactly How To Do It.

In This Interview, Kurt Riley Explains How The Sumner County Constitutional Republicans Have Been Able To Recruit And Elect 31 Out Of 41 Candidates They’ve Endorsed. Further, Kurt Encourages All Grassroots Leaders To Focus On A Measurable Political Mission… Not Simply Meetings And Education.

Please Forward This To Any Grassroots Leaders You Know In Tn. It’s An Interview Club Officers Need To See – And A Mindset That Should Be Emulated.

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Was The United States Founded On Judeo-Christian Principles? (Op-Ed)

A Question Has Been Circulating For Some Time, And It’s One That’s Worth Investigating.
Was The United States Founded On Judeo-Christian Principles?
It’s An Interesting Question Considering The Times We Live In. Church Attendance In The West Is Down, With Increasing Numbers Of People Either Rejecting Religion Altogether Or At Least Agnostic. Further, The Question Becomes Clouded When The United States Constitution Itself Claims “Congress Shall Make No Law Respecting The Establishment Of Religion Or Prohibiting The Free Exercise Thereof.”

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