Johnson City’s Struggling Broadband Program Should Be A Warning To Tennessee [Op-Ed]

There’s A New Trend Sweeping Across Tennessee, And It’s Not A New Dance High Schoolers Have Learned On Social Media. In Fact It’s An Even Bigger Waste Of Time And Could Negatively Affect You And Your Neighbors. I’m Talking, Of Course, About Government-Owned Internet.

To Some, It Sounds Nice On Paper. Who Doesn’t Want More Internet Offerings? Isn’t Increasing Internet Access Critical In An Increasingly Online Society? Yes, But Like Any Government Project, The Devil Is In The Details, And The Details Have Been Grim For Consumers. That’s Not Conjecture, It’s Fact: Just Look At The Numbers In Johnson City.

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Why You Must Inspect Every Candidate For Public Office

It Is Election Season In Tennessee. In A State That Portends To Be Protective Of Personal Property Rights, It Is Imperative That The Voters Understand The Rules (You Can Bet The Legislature Knows Them) And How Those Rules Are Used To Light-Finger Your Goods…

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Adhering To The Constitution And The Blurring Of Lines Between Branches Of TN Government (Interview with Deputy Speaker of the TN Senate, Janice Bowling)

In this unprecedented interview, Senator Janice Bowling (Deputy Speaker of The Tennessee Senate) openly speaks of issues in the Tennessee legislature that seem worse this year than ever before.

Bowling sounds off on the importance of practicing Constitutional guaranteed State’s Rights, how good Conservative legislation is being waylaid in subcommittees and committees, the misuse of ‘caption bills’, the suppression of medical freedoms, Governor Lee’s corporate-centric budget, lobbying and the blurring of lines between the branches of Tennessee Government.

All this and much more in this is an eye-opening interview that you absolutely do not want to miss!

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3 Anti-Lobbying Bills Introduced In Tennessee Legislature

Conservative Republicans Have Introduced Three Bills To Reduce Lobbyist Influence In State And Local Governments.

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Too Many Tennessean Politicians Are Serving Two Masters

While Everyone In America Is Focused On The Continual Abuse Of Our Constitutional And State Rights By Washington Progressives, Our County Commissions Are Adding “Liberal” County Employees Every Election. With The Biggest Threat To Our Democracy Coming From The Lowest Form Of Government – The “Direct Democracy” That “We The People” Have The Most Control Over, And That “We Show The Least Interest In.”

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