New Tennessee Political Action Committee Supports Conservative Values

There Is A New PAC In Tennessee Focused On Putting Real Conservatives Back Into Leadership Across The State.

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TTC Health & Wellness: Setting Boundaries To Protect Your Health

One Of The Things I Have Learned As A Health Coach Is That Being Healthy Is NEVER Just About Food And Movement. There Are So Many Things We Have Within Our Control That Can Help Us Be Healthier And Happier Right Now. One Of Them Is A Favorite Topic Of Mine And That Is The Topic Of Boundaries.

I Like To Define Boundaries As “Where One Person Ends And Another Begins”.

As The Government, Medical Field, Neighbors, Friends, And Even Family Try To Tell Us What Is Best For Us Regarding Our Health, It Is Important To Have Healthy Boundaries Set To Protect Your Mental And Emotional Health.

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Vanderbilt Study Finds Tennesseans Divided On Issues But United In Pride

According To A Recent Poll Conducted By Researchers At Vanderbilt University, Tennessee Residents Have Strong American Pride, But They Are Divided In Their Thoughts On A Number Of Important Social And Cultural Issues.

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How Many People Work For The Government In Tennessee?

Tennessee Has The 12th lowest Share Of All States For The Percentage Of The Workforce Employed By The Government. States With A Larger Than Typical Share Of Public Sector Workers Often Have Higher Than Average Government Spending On A Per Capita Basis — And Vise-versa. Tennessee Is No Exception.

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Feds To Pay Hundreds Per Child To American Families; Critics Fear Economic Fallout

Americans With Children Will Begin Receiving Checks From The Internal Revenue Service In A Few Weeks, But Economists Worry The Payments Could Have Long-Term Economic Consequences.

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Podcast: What Should We Expect From Government, Leaders, and Ourselves?

Eric Buchanan And Clint Powell Are Joined By Professor And Attorney – Jason Eliot! They Talk About What We Should Expect From Government – What Makes A Good Leader – What Separates Party Lines – And Much More! Conversations Centered Around The American Experiment!

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