Social Media Common Carrier Bill Moves Forward Despite Two Republicans Voting No

The “Common Carrier Bill” That Would Stop Social Media Censorship Of Tennessee Elections And Citizens Took One More Step Toward Becoming Law Yesterday In The House Business And Utilities Subcommittee. The Bill Was Recommended For Passage If Amended And Referred To The House Commerce Committee On March 22nd.

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Bill To Stop Social Media Censorship Of TN Elections & Citizens Passes Senate Subcommittee

Senator Bo Watson’s Bill That Seeks To Designate Social Media Platforms As Common Carriers And Prescribe Fines For Deplatforming And Shadow-Banning Users Passed The Senate Commerce And Labor Committee Yesterday Evening (March 15th) And Now Moves On To The Senate Finance, Ways And Means Committee.

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GOP Fights Back Against BIG TECH Censorship in Tennessee – And YOU Can Help! (Interview with Tennessee Rep. Dennis Powers)

Conservatives In Tennessee Are Being Targeted And Discriminated Against For One Reason: We Hold Strong Views On Traditional American Values Like Faith, Freedom And Capitalism.

In This Interview, Representative Dennis Powers Talks About Legislation That Would Restore Freedom Of Speech In Our State, But The Big Tech Lobbyists Are Working Overtime To Kill The Bill.

First, Watch This Video… Then Call, Email And Even Write These Committee Members TODAY!

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Bill To Stop Social Media Censorship In Committee And Subcommittee Next Week (Update 3.11.22)

Action was deferred this week on both the House and Senate versions of the bill. SB2161 is now on the calendar for the Senate Commerce and Labor Committee for March 15th. HB2369 is now on the calendar for the House Business and Utilities Subcommittee for March 16th.

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Legislation To Criminalize Covid Vaccine Mandates & Passports In Subcommittee

On February 1st, 2022, TN House Rep. Bruce Griffey (R-Paris-District 75) Filed House Bill 2311, Which Would Make The Imposition Of A Covid Vaccine Mandate Or The Requirement Of A Covid Vaccine Passport A Criminal Offense In Tennessee. Griffey’s Bill Will Be Heard By The House Business And Utilities Subcommittee On March 9th, 2022.

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ACTION ALERT! STOP TN Social Media Censorship! [Interview with Heartland Institute’s James Taylor]

Have you ever been censored on social media? If you are a Conservative, the answer is yes.
BIG TECH is waging war against Free Speech in our country. Right now, our Republicans in the Tennessee General Assembly have an opportunity to fight back.
Watch this eye-opening interview with James Taylor then email and call these committee members now. Tell them enough is enough!…

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Campaign Talk vs. Committee Votes: Brandon’s Brain – Issue #1

Life will put you in strange places. Places you never thought you would be and often in places you’d prefer not to go. Uncomfortable places.
I’ll bet our nation’s Founders felt the same way, though no one is currently looking to hang me for treason. At least not yet…
Starting today, and to the degree time will allow, I’m going to start giving you a “sneak peek” behind the scenes of what I do.
Consider this a sort of “diary entry.” We’ll just call it “Brandon’s Brain” for now. This is the first edition. Years later, if we’re still around, you can say you were the first to read it… before it became the cool thing to do as a Conservative in Tennessee.
This will not be anything “comprehensive.” It can’t be considering your time and mine is limited. However, what I hope I can do is cut through all the main-stream-media lies and tell you like it is.
So, what’s on my mind? Here we go…

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Representatives Of The Heartland Institute Testify In Support Of Social Media Common Carrier Bill

Representative Dennis Powers’ Bill That Seeks To Designate Social Media Platforms As Common Carriers And Prescribe Fines For Deplatforming And Shadow-Banning Users Has Been Rolled For Two Weeks While Some Amendments Are Fine-tuned.

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Private Companies Are Stifling Freedom Of Expression (Interview with Tennessee Senator Bo Watson)

If you have ever had your Conservative voice censored by social media or are concerned how social media censorship will affect our Elections, please do the following:

• Watch this interview with Senator Bo Watson – we discuss a bill he is sponsoring in the Tennessee Senate to combat Social Media Censorship in our state.

• Contact the members of the Business and Utilities Subcommittee prior to their hearing the House version of this bill tomorrow, Wednesday, February 23rd. You can find their contact information in this post.

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