Tennessee’s Family Rights Bill – The Great Deception

For Conservatives Who Believed That This Bill Was Going To Solidify Parental Rights In The State Of Tennessee And Protect Children From Predators Who Infringe Upon The Parent’s Right To Consent To Education, Medical Care, Mental Health Treatments, And More (The Bill Enumerated One Through Twelve), You Were Wrong.

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MTSU Board Chairman Pushes Legislation By Senator Shane Reeves To Close Meetings For “Sensitive” Topics

Middle Tennessee State University’s Board Chair Is Pushing Legislation, Sponsored By State Sen. Shane Reeves And Rep. Mark White, That Would Enable College Boards To Close Meetings To Discuss “Sensitive” Matters Such As Presidential Pay, A Move Critics Say Is Too “Broad” And Ripe For “Abuse.”

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Unveiling the Dark Money Influence: Prop 13 Initiatives Target Tennessee

In The Intricate Labyrinth Of Political Strategy, Tennessee Has Become Entangled In A Complex Network Of Undisclosed Funding And Covert Organizations. These Entities Are Advocating For The Implementation Of California’s Notorious “Prop 13” Tax Cap Initiatives.

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Tennessee Bill Would Limit PSL Increases For 10-Year Seat Holders At New Nissan Stadium

Tennessee Rep. Larry Miller, D-Memphis, Plans To Push A Bill That Will Limit The Amount Of Increase For The Cost Of A Personal Seat License At The New Nissan Stadium That He Plans To Present To The House Business And Utilities Subcommittee On March 12.

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98% Say Corporate-Welfare Lobbyist Wife Is A Conflict Of Interest For Tennessee State Senator Bo Watson

Within Just 24 Hours Results Showed 98% Responded “Yes” And Only 2% Responded “No” To A Poll That Asked, “If A High-Ranking TN State Senator Has A Lobbyist Wife Who Gets Paid $200k+ Annually To Deliver Billions In Corporate Welfare From Tennessee Taxpayers To Liberal Corporations – And If That Money Lands In The Member’s Household Bank Account, Is That A Conflict Of Interest?”

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After Delay, Tennessee Lawmakers Extend TennCare Contracts Without Centene

Tennessee Extended Its Three Contracts For The State’s Multibillion-Dollar Medicaid Program After It Was Delayed A Month By State House Republicans. The Fiscal Review Committee Extended Old Contracts Instead Of Entering Into The New Ones Agreed To In 2021 Because Of Centene’s Lawsuit.

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Tennessee House Republicans Push For Delay Of TennCare’s Main Contracts

House Speaker Cameron Sexton Opposes Extension Of TennCare’s Primary Contracts As Part Of A Continued Effort To Award A Separate Health-Care Company, That Spent At Least $1 Million Trying To Influence Tennessee Politics Over The Last 15 Years, A Contract After TennCare Lost A Bid.

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Lobbying Groups Spent Around $35 Million To Influence Tennessee Lawmakers During First Half Of 2023

Tennessee’s Lobbying Sector Is Doing Just Fine. From Jan. 1, 2023 To June 30, 2023, Groups Spent A Combined $35 Million On Lobbying Activity.

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The Special Session; Why Do ‘Republican’ Legislators Shun Conservatives? – How Legislators Become Lobbyists And More

Brandon and Steve go over some of The Tennessee Conservative’s recent headlines and discuss Governor Lee’s Special Session and some of the associated bills.

They also discuss how many legislators who push for corporate welfare become lobbyists and their reasons for doing so.

Discussions continue as they ponder why many “Republican” legislators shun conservatives and Conservative News Outlets.

Brandon dispels some rumors, and talks about the The Tennessee Conservative’s 2023 RINO Report and Follow the Money Report and answers the burning question: “Why is Chattanooga Better Than Nashville?”

All this and much more! Tune in!

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