3rd Grade Retention, School Choice Expansion, Ignoring Torment Of Kids, More Foreign Labor, & TN Toll Roads? + Much More!- The TennCon Big 7!

• Legislators Set New Rules For Controversial Third Grade Retention Law
• TN GOP Senators Look To Expand Eligibility For Education Savings Accounts
• Loudon County School District Sued For Ignoring Reports Of Sexual Harassment At Middle School
• Lawsuit Claims Hamilton County School Administrators Didn’t Protect Sexual Assault Victim
• TN Republican Pushes For More Foreign Labor To Replace Native Workers
• Sen. Johnson Pushes To Close Public Records Of Investigations Of Deaths Not Resulting From Crime
• Governor’s Transportation Proposals Draw Wide Reactions
• Lee’s ‘Build With Us’ Plan Would Raise Electric Vehicle Registration Fees, Potentially Add Toll Lanes
• Gender Surgeries Only Temporarily Paused Says Memphis Hospital
• TN Rep Calls Out ACLU For Threats Against Hospital Halting Gender Reassignment Surgeries

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