Acquired Immunity Bill Passes Into Tennessee Law Without Governor’s Signature

Legislation Which Recognizes Natural Or Acquired Immunity To Covid-19 As Being Equal To Getting Vaccinated Became Tennessee Law On Friday Without Governor Bill Lee’s Signature And Took Effect Immediately.

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Airman Sues Biden Administration Over Vaccination Exemption Denial

A Senior Airman Stationed At Barksdale Air Force Base In Bossier Parish, Louisiana Is Suing Over The Biden Administration’s Military Covid-19 Vaccination Mandate After Officials Denied Her Religious Exemption.

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Election Integrity, Employee Medical Freedom, Natural Immunity & 4 Other Bills To Follow

Republican-Led Bills With Subjects Ranging From Election Integrity, Employee Medical Freedom, Natural Immunity, Penalties For Sexual Predators To E-Verify, And Vehicle Sales Tax Exemption For Members Of The Tennessee National Guard Are All Soon-To-Be Up For Debate In The Tennessee General Assembly.

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Harshbarger Introduces Bill Requiring Federal Agencies To Acknowledge COVID Natural Immunity

U.S. Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger (R-TN) Recently Introduced The Natural Immunity Is Real Act In The House Of Representatives. If Passed, This Bill Would Require Federal Agencies To Take Into Account Naturally Acquired Immunity From Previous Covid-19 Infection When Issuing Any Rules Or Regulations Aimed At Protecting From The Virus.

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Buyer’s Remorse

What Would It Be Like If You Woke Up Some Morning And Discovered That Everything That You Believed Was A Lie?

This Is Not Just A Rhetorical Question Because So Much Of Everything The Media, iPOTUS, Kommie Harris, Big Tech, “Woke” Generals And The Intelligence Agencies Tell Us Is Questionable Or Blatant Lies.

What If You Realized You Were Duped And Voted For A Demented, Leftist Codger Instead Of An Excessively Tweeting, True Leader? Buyer’s Remorse?

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