The Cat & Mouse Chase Of Parental Rights Bills In Tennessee’s 2024 Session – Freedom Or Control?

Op-Ed: For Parental Rights Aficionados, Tennessee’s Current Cat And Mouse Game Over Three Separate Parental/Family Rights Bills Is Dizzying. And If You Are An Unsuspecting-Easily-Excited Layman Who Still Believes Legislative Headliners, This Appears To Be Bait And Switch Tactic Which Is Now Seemingly Normal For Tennessee State Lawmakers.

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Bill That Will Terminate Tennessee Parents Rights After “Substantial Non-Compliance” Passes Senate Judiciary With Amendments

A Bill That Proposes The Ability For The Tennessee Department Of Children’s Services (DCS) To Terminate Parental Rights Within 10 Business Days After A Court Has Found The Parents Of The Child/Children To Be “Substantially Non-Compliant,” Has Passed Through The Senate Judiciary Committee With Amendments Added.

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Tennessee Bill That Would Make Abortion Trafficking Of Minors A Felony Passes Subcommittee (Update 2.19.24)

A Tennessee Bill That Would Make Abortion Trafficking Of Minors A Felony Offense Passed By A Voice Vote Yesterday Afternoon In The House Population Health Subcommittee.

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Bill Filed to Terminate Tennessee Parent’s Rights After Six Months of “Substantial Noncompliance” (Update 2.16.24)

This Week Rep. Ed Butler (R-Rickman-District 41) Filed A Bill That Would Effectively Make It Easier To Funnel Children Away From Their Parents And Into State Custody.

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Families Rights & Responsibilities Act Presentation Rolled To February After Sitting On Tennessee General Assembly Calendar For Over A Year (Update 2.13.24)

Tennessee Legislation With The Main Purpose Of Defining And Establishing Parental Rights Within The Context Of Government Interference Which Was Raised Last Session And Deferred To This Year Has Been Pushed Another Month Before Consideration.

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Conservative Candidate Monica Irvine Running For Tennessee Senate District 6

Conservative Constitutionalist Republican Monica Irvine Is Running For The 6th District Senate Seat For The Great State Of Tennessee.

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My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony & Much More In The TennCon BIG 7!

🔥 My Political Advice For TNED Commissioner Reynolds After Her Dumpster-Fire Senate Testimony…

GOP Leadership Hides Committee Votes From Voters Again & Throttles Access…

Ending Gov. Lee’s Abuse Of “Executive Orders”

& More In The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Tennessee Democrats File Bill To Delete 19 Different State Laws Regarding Abortion

As The Tennessee General Assembly Prepares For Its 114th Legislative Session, A New Bill Has Been Filed By Democrats To Completely Undo Tennessee’s Ban On Abortion By Amending A Whole Slew Of Current State Laws.

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Kingsport City School Board Votes To Allow Schools To Search & Interrogate Students During School Hours

The Kingsport School Board Approved A New Policy That The Police May Interrogate Students At School For Incidents That Occur Off School Grounds. Children That Refuse To Speak May Be Suspended. Parents/Guardians Will Be Notified But The Proceedings Will Continue With Or Without Them. Did The School Board Have A Lack Of Transparency On This Policy?

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