What Can Be Done About Illegal Immigration In TN: Griffey Op-Ed

I Believe The Vast Majority (If Not Every Tennesseans Minus The Crazies) Expects And Demands That Our Laws Are Obeyed By Everyone Equally. That Includes Our Immigration Laws And The Legal Process To Be Able To Come To The US And Work Here.

Ignoring The Law Or Letting Some People Get Away With Breaking The Law Undermines The Very Fundamental Fabric That This Country Was Founded Upon – Equal Justice For All. If We Don’t Follow And Apply The Law Equally To Everyone, It Will Have Disastrous Consequences.

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Flood Of Migrant Children Dumped Into Struggling Tennessee Schools (updated)

As Tennessee Schools Continue To Struggle To Overcome Learning Loss Worsened By The Government’s Response To The Virus, Hamilton County Schools Have Been Alerted To Expect An Influx Of Immigrant Children To Be Admitted Into The School System.

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