Putnam County ‘Independent’ Candidates Have Significant Democrat Voting Histories

Voting Records Indicate That Many Independent Candidates In Putnam County Have A Significant History Of Voting For Democrats And Some Have Made Contributions To Liberal / Democrat Political Action Committees.

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TN’s Most Conservative Candidates Attacked By The Left, TN GOP Lawmakers Ranked, Trigger Law Set, Biden’s Woke Agenda In TN Schools & More!

• California Billionaire And TN RINOs Attack Tennessee’s Most Conservative Candidates
• Non-Profit Report Gives Low Scores To Bottom 4 Tennessee GOP Senators
• Legislative Report Card Ranks Tennessee’s Top 5 GOP Lawmakers
• Tennessee Abortion Trigger Law Now Set To Go Into Effect August 25th
• Metro Nashville’s Nissan Stadium Study Will Exceed Budget And Be Delayed Until November
• 22 AGs Sue USDA To Stop Withholding School Lunches Over Gender, Sexual Orientation Rules
• Blount Pride Festival Features Drag Queen Story Time For Children, Teen Event Led By Local High School Teacher

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California Billionaire And TN RINOs Attack Tennessee’s Most Conservative Candidates 

Digging Into The Tennessee Conservative PAC’s Finance Disclosures Reveals That Some Of The State’s Most Prominent Citizens Have Aided In Its Funding But That The PAC Is Run Out-of-state And Was Given Its Start By A California Billionaire. These Facts And More May Raise Some Eyebrows Among Tennessee Voters.

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Andy Ogles Files Lawsuit Against Left-Wing PAC For Defamation

Yesterday, Andy Ogles Filed A Lawsuit Against The Tennessee Conservatives PAC, A PAC Aligned With One Of His Opponents. The Suit Calls On The Pac To Take Down An Ad That Falsely Accuses Ogles Of Not Paying Property Taxes, Highlighting False Accusations The PAC Ran On Television In Tennessee’s 5th Congressional District In An Attempt To Maliciously Defame Ogles And Harm His Congressional Campaign.

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Tennesseans’ Right To Vote For Supreme Court Justices Was Bargained Away

In 2014, A Change Was Made To The Tennessee Constitutional At The Behest Of The Tennessee Judiciary Which Removed This Language, “The Judges Of The Supreme Court Shall Be Elected By The Qualified Voters Of The State.” Our State Constitution Was Rewritten To Say, “Judges Of The Supreme Court Or Any Intermediate Appellate Court Shall Be Appointed … By And At The Direction Of The Governor.” Proponents Of The Change, Like Democrat Phil Bredesen Said, “Contested Elections For The Judiciary Would Allow Special And Financial Interests To Become Involved.”

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State House And Senate Leaders Raise Big Money For Reelection

Lieutenant Governor Randy McNally, House Speaker Cameron Sexton And Senate Majority Leader Jack Johnson Lead The Pack In Raising Funds For Reelection According To Campaign Finance Reports.

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25 Political Endorsements for REAL Conservatives in TN, Election Lies, Teachers’ Union, RINOs Fighting Against School Choice, & More!

• 25 Political Endorsements For REAL Conservatives In Tennessee

• PAC Sends Deceptive Mailer Targeting Conservative Candidate Running Against GOP Incumbent

• Tennessee Education Association Encourages Crossover Raiding By Democrat Voters Supporting Incumbent Senator Briggs

• House Education Committee Chair To Use Influence To Block Charter Schools In General Assembly

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Election Shenanigans, Teachers Unions And National Guard Medical Freedom With Lewis & Abernathy

Brandon Lewis, Founder Of The Tennessee Conservative, Joins The Alex Abernathy Show To Discuss A Political Action Committee’s False Accusations Sent Out In A Mailer To Williamson County Voters Against Conservative Candidate For District 27, Gary Humble.

They Also Discuss The Mailer Sent By The Tennessee Education Association To Encourage Crossover Raiding By Democrats In The Republican Primary To Re-Elect Senator Richard Briggs.

In Closing, They Discuss Governor Lee’s Response To The Tennessee National Guard Member’s Plea For Protection Of Their Medical Freedoms.

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Conservative Super PAC Claims Two TN-5 Candidates “Too Liberal For Tennessee”

School Freedom Fund, A Conservative Super PAC Based In Washington, D.C., Sent Out Mailers This Week To Residents In The TN-5 Congressional District Claiming That Two Of The Candidates Running In That Race Are “Too Liberal For Tennessee.”

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