Patsy Hazelwood Misrepresents Her Voting Record About Sanctuary Cities To GOP Women

During A Recent Meeting Of Republican Women In Hamilton County, Incumbent Representative Patsy Hazlewood (R-Signal Mountain-District 27) Addressed Her Voting Record Calling Out What She Called “Misinformation” About Her Votes That Have Been Made Public During This Campaign Season. One Of The Bills Called Out By Hazlewood Had To Do With The Banning Of So-Called “Sanctuary Cities” In The State Of Tennessee.

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Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes, Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted! Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked! & More…

🗳️Incumbent Rep. Patsy Hazlewood Misrepresents Votes On Sanctuary Cities…

⚧️Biden’s Title IX Changes Averted!

✡️Tennessee’s Pro-Israel Students Blocked!

🏗️ Unwelcome Industrialization of Tennessee Farmland 🚜

💰 Cost Of Living Crisis In Tennessee Continues 💰

⚡️ Dimming Electric Vehicle Market 🔌

& More on The Tennessee Conservative’s Big 7 Weekend Digest!

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Texas Transports Over 100,000 Foreign Nationals To ‘Sanctuary Cities’

Since April 2022, More Than 100,000 Foreign Nationals Who Have Illegally Crossed The Border Have Been Bused Or Flown From Texas To Six Sanctuary Cities. This Equates To Roughly 5% Of Those Who Illegally Entered Texas In Fiscal 2023 Alone, The Highest Number On Record.

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Largest Cities In U.S. Request $5 Billion For ‘Overwhelming’ Immigrant Inflow

The Mayors Of New York City, Los Angeles, Chicago, Houston And Denver – All Either Known As Or Explicitly Declaring Themselves As “Sanctuary Cities” – Issued A Letter Requesting To Meet With Biden To Ask For $5 Billion To Fund “Overwhelming” Migrant Inflows.

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Can We Finally Agree That Sanctuary Cities Are A Failed Experiment? (Op-Ed)

For Several Decades, A Collection Of Progressive States, Counties And Cities Have Conducted An Experiment Called Sanctuary Policies. Based On A Preponderance Of Evidence, Especially In The Last Few Years, It Is Time To Declare America’s Experiment With Sanctuary Policies To Be A Complete Failure And Seek A Better Way.

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Sanctuary Cities Have Regrets As Flood Of Illegal Immigrants Continues

Leaders Of Major Metros Around The U.S. Have Pushed For More Progressive Immigration Policies In Recent Years By Declaring Themselves Safe Havens For Illegal Immigrants. Now, However, As The Realities Of The Financial And Social Impacts Of Those Policies Sink In, Some Local Leaders Are Thinking Twice.

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Operation Lone Star Task Force ‘Holding The Line’ Against Cartel Traffickers But ‘Can’t Stop Everyone’

A 20-Agency Operation Lone Star Task Force Is Making Headway Interdicting Cartel And Gang Activity Stemming From The Texas-Mexico Border Along A Major Trafficking Route To The So-Called Sanctuary City Of Houston, Officials Say.

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National Security Analyst Says D.C. Officials Blaming Border States For ‘Emergency’ Is ‘Ultimate Hypocrisy’

Navy JAG Officer And National Security Law Analyst Said The D.C. Mayor’s Commitment To Sanctuary Status While Also Declaring An Emergency Is An Example Of “Ultimate Hypocrisy. Washington, D.C. Has Purposefully Refused To Cooperate With Federal Law Enforcement On Detainers And Removal Processes.”

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Texas Governor Sends First Bus To Chicago Of Foreign Nationals In U.S. Illegally

The First Bus Carrying Foreign Nationals Who Crossed The Southern Border Illegally Arrived In Chicago Wednesday As Texas Gov. Greg Abbott Expanded The State’s Busing Strategy To A Third So-Called Sanctuary City.

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