Why Critical Race Theory Harms The Black Community

At its core, CRT stems from the concept of critical theory and therefore aims to divide people into “oppressed” and “oppressor” groups, foment hate and chaos, and eventually disintegrate our society. It claims that concepts such as white privilege are the reality, and we should pursue equity instead of meritocracy.

But as a black former U.S. Air Force officer and pilot living in a nearly all-white community for the last 18 years, my personal experience here has not been rooted in oppression, division, and racial privilege being stacked against me. Instead, I’ve experienced equality, unity, and mutual respect.

Yes, people in my community see that I’m black, but that’s not how they define me or my kids. Isn’t that what the civil rights struggle was all about? Isn’t that what people of color have fought and died to establish in our country? By engaging in CRT, we risk losing the equality that Americans have fought for, and the end result will not be progress.

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Is The TN Department Of Education Approving CRT Curriculum?

While All Eyes Are On Williamson County And Wit And Wisdom, Critical Race Theory Is Infecting One Of The Most Conservative Counties In Tennessee, Just Under Another Name.

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Honoring The Martyrs Of The Race Course

Since The Tragic Death Of George Floyd, America Has Witnessed One Tragedy After Another As The Media Has Fueled One Of The Most Divisive Periods In History Since The Civil War’s Brother Against Brother. Lost In The Ashes Of This Unrest And Unfound Claims Of Systematic Racism And The Decadent Anti-Forgiving Cancel Culture Of Woke-ism Are Memories Of Many Of Our Nation’s Greatest Unifiers.

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Hamilton County Commissioners Divided In Support Of Chamber’s Woke Agenda

Some Hamilton County Commissioners Support The Chamber’s Claims That The Area Is Systemically Racist; While Others Say The Area Is Not Racist, Does Not Need To Be Remedied And That The Chamber Has No Business Being Involved In Political And Racial Issues.

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Boyd Blasts Chattanooga Chamber Over Baseless Claims of Systemic Racism

“Why Does It Seem That Over The Last Year And A Half, There Seems To Be A Preoccupation Of The Chamber Getting Into Political And Racial Issues? The Chamber Is Supported By This County To Create Jobs.” – Commissioner Boyd

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